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An SEO consultancy is a fundamental tool for understanding the elements that give a website relevance and usefulness in the eyes of users. This process involves analysis of various factors, including careful selection and use of relevant keywords, production of high-quality content, structural optimization of the site, and other more technical parameters. The starting point of an SEO consultancy is a thorough evaluation of the website and its ranking in search engine results. This analysis allows the identification of strengths and weaknesses, and provides the basis for the development of a targeted strategy for improving the overall ranking of the site.

The ultimate goal of an SEO consultancy is, in fact, to increase organic traffic, that is, to increase the number of visitors reaching the site through non-paid search results. The increase in organic traffic is matched by an increase in conversion opportunities.

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SEO Activities
on site & off site

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the set of activities aimed at optimizing a website in order to ensure a high organic ranking on major search engines, such as Google and Bing. A website or e-commerce that is well ranked in search results allows you to have greater visibility and gain increased organic traffic volume. A successful SEO project involves targeted interventions to be implemented on the client's website or e-commerce. These interventions mainly involve three macro areas:
-SEOon-site: includes targeted technical actions on the site backend and content optimization activities, with the aim of improving their relevance and usability in the eyes of search engines.
-SEOoff-site: involves creating external links to one's own site through link building and Digital PR strategies. The goal is to increase the authority and reliability of the site in the eyes of search engines.

-Blog: involves writing SEO-optimized articles for publication on the site. The goal is to enrich the content and attract a qualified audience through a targeted content marketing strategy.
The judicious implementation of these activities significantly improves the visibility and overall effectiveness of the site's or e-commerce's online presence, thus contributing to the achievement of business goals.

SEO consulting: the stages of the project

Each SEO consultancy has several stages, which can be summarized as follows:
1. SITE ANALYSIS AND KEYWORD STRATEGY: Once the brief is received, an analysis of the client's site is performed, identifying existing organic rankings and critical issues on the SEO side. In addition, an analysis of the industry in which the company operates is also conducted, highlighting the keywords most searched by users.
2. ON-SITE SEO During this phase, mobile and desktop optimization activities are carried out within the pages of the site in order to improve its structure, content and, more generally, its SEO-side performance. The interventions carried out aim to make website pages relevant to search engines with respect to specific keywords. The tree structure of the site will be analyzed - and possibly revised - and new textual content will also be created with SEO in mind.

3. LINK BUILDING: Off-site SEO includes optimization activities that are not carried out directly on the website and that contribute to increasing organic visibility through acquisition of reliable links and digital relationships (link building and digital PR). Link building is an SEO technique aimed at increasing the number and quality of incoming links to a site and helps increase the "value" of a site/domain.
4. BLOG: Managing a dedicated editorial area, such as a blog, present directly on one's website, provides valuable support in all phases of the SEO project. In fact, through blog content, it is possible to intercept users who are looking for information and/or insights on the most relevant topics in the field. Articles can also be leveraged to feed the editorial plan on social media, stimulating content sharing and generating traffic.
5. MONITORING: The SEO project includes the submission of reports that illustrate the results obtained from the SEO activity and in particular the rankings achieved by the website for specific keywords.

Why choose Spada Media Group for SEO consulting

Choosing Spada Media Group as your consultant means relying on a'SEO agency that puts a consultative approach focused on digital marketing at the center of its strategies. With our Google Premier Partner certification and accreditation as Professional Bing Ads, we guarantee a high level of expertise and professionalism backed by extensive industry experience. We distinguish ourselves by being an 'agency specializing in cross-media campaigns. We offer a comprehensive service that integrates different platforms. In addition, we design and plan customized off-site and on-site strategies aimed at achieving specific goals and ensuring maximum return on investment. Through constant performance monitoring we ensure continuous and timely optimization to maximize results. Finally, in Spada Media Group each client is followed by a dedicated team of specialists.

Our SEO activities:

Proper website ranking optimization ensures that a site effectively reaches its target audience and gets real results. This practice is based on implementing targeted strategies aimed at enhancing a site's visibility on search engines.

SEO copywriting activities help improve the visibility and relevance of a website on search engines. SEO copywriters' job is to balance search engine optimization with user engagement, creating content that generates qualified traffic and tangible results.

Link building is a strategy aimed at improving the authority and indexing of a website. Through the acquisition of links from authoritative and relevant sources, this practice aims to increase the site's visibility and online reputation. In our agency, we develop customized strategies to build quality backlink profiles.

Local SEO

Local SEO improves the visibility of a local company or business in geographically relevant search results. Through optimizing location information, managing reviews and creating localized content, Local SEO helps businesses be found by potential customers in their specific geographic context.

Product page optimization, effective category management, and targeted link building strategy improves an e-commerce's ranking. These specific SEO activities enable e-commerce businesses to reach a wider audience, increase qualified traffic, and maximize returns on online sales.

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