Website positioning

Website positioning is the key to ensuring that a website reaches the target audience and brings results. Website ranking is based on a set of targeted strategies designed to improve a website's visibility on search engines. Website ranking techniques involve optimizing content, meta tags, site structure and loading speed. In addition, placement can include link management and content marketing strategies to increase site authority and visibility. Effective website placement increases traffic to the site and as a result, generates qualified leads and increases conversions.

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Keyword analysis and selection

An effective search engine ranking strategy relies on the careful selection and use of keywords that users commonly employ when searching for information about a given product or service. In this sense, achieving a prominent position on the first page of search results (SERP) for one or more specific keywords is essential. When a user performs a search they want a relevant and quick result. It is well established that most users rarely go beyond the first page of search results. Careful selection and strategic integration of keywords within the content of the pages causes this to be indexed and ranked.

The importance of content

Quality content is critical for website ranking because it directly influences several aspects that search engines consider crucial in indexing and ranking websites. When the content is of high quality:
- Make the site more relevant to search queries
- demonstrate the site's authority on a given topic, thus helping to improve search engines' confidence in its trustworthiness
- Attract more users and increase their engagement
- Increase the likelihood of content being shared on social media
Ultimately, quality content provides a solid foundation for a website's ranking. Greatly increasing the likelihood that the site will rank high and attract potentially more interested users.

Why rely on Spada Media Group

Within our SEO agency is a team of highly qualified and constantly updated professionals, consisting of:
- Account Manager: this figure acts as a point of contact for the client and manages all the operational steps necessary for the start-up of an SEO project, facilitating communication between the client, sales area and SEO specialists.
- SEO Specialist: responsible for optimizing websites or mobile applications within search engines, with a focus on Google, in order to improve their organic ranking.
- Link Builder Specialist: An expert in off-site optimization techniques, he is responsible for creating high-quality links for integration into the website.
- Copywriter: Dedicated to producing SEO-optimized text content.

Our SEO activities:

SEO consulting is useful for optimizing a website's online visibility. SEO experts analyze and implement customized strategies to improve a site's ranking in search results, increasing organic traffic and maximizing the reach of target audiences.

SEO copywriting activities help improve the visibility and relevance of a website on search engines. SEO copywriters' job is to balance search engine optimization with user engagement, creating content that generates qualified traffic and tangible results.

Link building is a strategy aimed at improving the authority and indexing of a website. Through the acquisition of links from authoritative and relevant sources, this practice aims to increase the site's visibility and online reputation. In our agency, we develop customized strategies to build quality backlink profiles.

Local SEO improves the visibility of a local company or business in geographically relevant search results. Through optimizing location information, managing reviews and creating localized content, Local SEO helps businesses be found by potential customers in their specific geographic context.

Product page optimization, effective category management, and targeted link building strategy improves an e-commerce's ranking. These specific SEO activities enable e-commerce businesses to reach a wider audience, increase qualified traffic, and maximize returns on online sales.

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