Website consulting

Our website consulting offers tailored solutions to optimize your business' online presence. We carefully analyze clients' needs and provide customized advice to improve user experience and maximize online visibility. From responsive design to SEO, we are committed to ensuring that a site stands out from the competition. Through a combination of innovative strategies and cutting-edge technology, we work with clients to achieve their business goals. Our consulting is based on proven approaches and constant updates to stay abreast of the latest web trends.

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CO2 Neutral Green Websites

Always sensitive to sustainability and social issues, we are among the first Italian professional website consulting agencies to develop CO2 Neutral sites to combat pollution and reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the environment. In fact, even the management of web hosting services contributes to air pollution; that is why Spada Media Group has decided to join the Tree-Nation program to combat deforestation, climate change, poverty, and encourage the reforestation of at-risk areas on the planet by offering clients certified technologies to make their websites environmentally sustainable.

Advantages website consulting

Seeking advice for websites is critical for several reasons:
- Optimization: a well-designed and optimized website can improve online visibility and increase site traffic.
- User experience: professional advice can help create a smooth and engaging user experience, ensuring that visitors easily find what they need.
- Conversions: expert advice can help identify areas for improvement to increase conversion rates, turning visitors into customers.
- Competitiveness: in an increasingly competitive digital landscape, it is essential to have a website that stands out from the rest. Consulting helps develop an effective strategy.
- Technology updates: professional advice helps to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies.

Our activities for sites and e-commerce

We offer website restyling service, designing customized solutions to improve the appearance, functionality and performance of existing sites. Through a thorough analysis of the existing website and target market, we identify areas for improvement and propose creative and innovative solutions for a high-quality end result.

We build custom e-commerce websites designed to provide intuitive and secure online shopping experiences. We take care of every single phase of the project: from user interface design to payment system configuration, from product catalog management to transaction security.

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