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Website redesign is necessary when you want to revamp and improve your online presence. At Spada Media Group, thanks to our experience and expertise in the field, we are able to make an existing website a modern and intuitive one. Through an 'in-depth analysis of our clients' needs and goals, we develop a customized restyling strategy. From optimizing graphics to restructuring site architecture to implementing new features, we are committed to providing innovative solutions that enhance the user experience and increase conversion.

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Restyling websites: the 3 steps

Website redesign is a strategic process, here are the three key steps for an effective website redesign:
- Analysis and assessment: the first step is to fully understand the client's needs and goals. This includes a detailed analysis of the existing website, assessing strengths and areas for improvement.
- Planning and design: based on the analysis performed, planning for the redesign is carried out. This includes setting clear objectives, creating a new information architecture, designing new layouts, and devising new features.
- Development and implementation: once the new design and functionality is defined, we move on to the development and implementation phase. This includes writing code, integrating new technologies or platforms, and migrating existing content. During this phase, it is important to carefully test the website to ensure that it is fully functional and meets the expected quality standards.

When to do a website redesign

The best time to do a website redesign depends on several factors, including the goal of the site, the needs of potential users, and changes in the target industry. Some situations in which a website redesign may be considered:
- Visual or technological obsolescence: if your website looks dated or uses outdated technologies that may compromise its performance or security, it is time to upgrade it.
- Changes in branding or corporate identity: if the brand has undergone significant changes, such as a new logo, colors, or branding messages, it is important to reflect these changes on the website to maintain consistency and relevance.
- Improved user experience: a redesign can help optimize user experience and improve engagement.
In summary, the best time to do a website redesign is when there is a need to improve the appearance, performance, or relevance of the site to meet user needs and achieve business goals.

Our activities for sites and e-commerce

We are a web agency specializing in building custom e-commerce websites designed to provide intuitive and secure online shopping experiences. We take care of every single phase of the project: from user interface design to payment system configuration, from product catalog management to transaction security.

We offer consultancy dedicated to supporting companies and brands in managing and optimizing their websites. Our consulting covers a wide range of areas, including content strategy, SEO optimization, user experience, data analysis, and website security. We provide practical and effective solutions for our clients.

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