Influencer marketing

Within a digital marketing strategy, the use of Influencer Marketing allows a brand, product or service to be promoted through influential and influential people within certain industries or niches. Influencers, due to their credibility, authority and large follower base on the various social platforms are able to influence the purchase decisions and opinions of the target audience. This approach enables companies to effectively reach their target market. Influencer marketing strategies can include sponsoring posts, collaborating to create original content, and participating in events and promotional campaigns.

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Stages of a campaign

Each influencer marketing campaign has 5 phases, which are:
1. Recruitment and project development: In this phase, Social Media Specialists analyze key industry influencers and their respective engagement in order to select the best ones to be included within a strategic project built through professional tools and premium, agency-specific platforms. Each project is structured ad hoc based on the client's goals and budget, and may involve the involvement of one or more industry influencers. Once this document is drafted, it is shared with the client.
2. Activity management: Once the influencers to be involved are defined with the client, the activity is operationally set up, which varies according to the objectives set. Any content created will be agreed/shared with the client before publication.

3.Content publishing and interaction management: With final approval from the client, content is published by the influencer on its own channels or in partnership; the total number of publications is determined by the agreements made during recruitment. The same content is re-shared on the client's social profiles and daily monitoring of comments, likes and interactions with the posted content is carried out.
4. Report: At the end of the influencer marketing activity, a customized report is prepared that includes the results of all publications made by the influencers, in terms of views and engagement, obtained through advanced monitoring tools, Analytics and Social Insights.

Benefits and goals of campaigns

Some of the main benefits offered by this form of marketing:
- Credibility and trustworthiness: influencers have built a base of loyal followers who trust their opinions and recommendations. Working with them gives companies direct access to this trust, increasing brand credibility.
- Effective targeting: influencers have specific, well-defined audiences.
- Audience engagement: influencers have an innate ability to engage their audience through authentic and interesting content.
- Creative and original content: influencers are experts in creating content relevant to their audience

- Broad online visibility: influencer marketing campaigns enable companies to increase their online visibility by reaching new audience segments through influencer channels.
- Measurability of results: social media platforms offer advanced tools to monitor and measure the effectiveness of influencer marketing campaigns, enabling companies to assess their return on investment and optimize their strategies accordingly.

Types of influencers

Influencers in general can be classified into three different categories depending on the function they perform and the type of service required:
TESTIMONIAL and BRAND AMBASSADOR: High-level influencers (often TV personalities) with the goal of associating the brand with a well-known face, highly followed on social networks and with shared values
INFLUENCER MEDIUM, MINI and MICRO: Influencers with different reach of followers, with a large following on social media, willing to interact with the brand or its products, even if only for a short communication campaign and in exchange for goods.
PHYGITAL INFLUENCER: New frontier of Influencer marketing that combines the "physical" physical world with the "digital" digital world, enabling real contact between influencers, the brand and their followers. In fact, Phygital Influencers organize real events dedicated to the target brand, such as Product Discovery, Brand Conversation or Brand Experience, involving their fanbase.

The team for an influencer marketing campaign

At Spada Media Group, we have a team of highly qualified and constantly updated professionals dedicated to influencer marketing campaigns. They are part of the team:
Account Manager: is the point person for the client and is responsible for managing all operational phases related to Influencer Marketing activities, acting as a liaison between the client/business area/Social Media/Community Manager and the influencers themselves.
Social Media Manager: is the specialist who is in charge of the conception of content for PED related to influencer marketing activities and direct management of the influencers involved.

Community Manager: deals with the day-to-day management of interactions that are recorded from the client's social profiles, moderating comments, messages received and reviews.
Social Creative Graphic Designer: is responsible for the graphic realization of PED content related to influencer marketing activities, respecting the technical specifications of the media.
Copywriter: is responsible for writing the textual part of posts, known as "copy," related to influencer marketing activities, using an engaging writing style appropriate to the type of media used.

Our activities on Social:

We offer advice to companies that want to improve their presence on social channels and use them as an effective marketing tool. We carefully analyze the social media activities of clients and competitors in order to develop customized plans. Our goal is to increase engagement and generate concrete results for the customer.

We design and plan strategic solutions to improve the social media presence of brands and companies. Starting with a careful analysis of the industry and market trends, we develop a customized strategy to maximize user engagement and increase social media visibility. We create engaging and relevant content optimized for each social platform.

Social Community Management service is designed to ensure authentic interaction with target audiences. We take care of content management and monitoring of various social platforms. We use advanced tools to analyze user sentiment, identify current trends, and adjust the engagement strategy based on the results obtained.

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