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LinkedIn is the social network linked par excellence to the world of work and professionals, among the most widely used in the world and in Italy, with more than 16 million users in our country alone (2023 data). Keeping your LinkedIn page up-to-date is critical to taking full advantage of the business opportunities offered by social marketing activities. Thus, it becomes essential to precisely structure every aspect of corporate profile management on LinkedIn. It is essential to develop an ad hoc communication strategy, carefully tailored to the industry in which the company operates, adopting language and communication techniques relevant to the social media context.

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Grow your network with paid LinkedIn campaigns

LinkedIn offers the ability to create paid advertising campaigns, allowing you to select a precise target audience by setting various parameters. Audiences can be defined based on criteria such as job title, company role, industry, age and gender, thus enabling targeted communication to the desired audience. The advertising system on LinkedIn is based on an auction among advertisers who wish to reach specific audiences. Advertisers can opt for CPC (Cost per Click) campaigns, where the cost is determined by the number of clicks received on the ad, or CPM (Cost per Thousand), based on the number of ad views.

Budget and campaign duration can be set according to one's needs. Once the advertising campaign is launched, it is possible to manage and monitor ad performance in real time and, if necessary, suspend or modify the campaign at any time, providing flexibility and complete control over the advertising investment.

The team dedicated to managing the LinkedIn page

- Account Manager: is the point person for the client and is responsible for managing all operational phases related to the Social Media Marketing activity, acting as a liaison between client/business area/Social Media and Community Manager.
-SocialMedia Manager: is the specialist in charge of designing content for PED and setting up ADV campaigns. He has direct, daily contact with LinkedIn's marketing team.
-CommunityManager: handles the day-to-day management of interactions that are recorded by the client's fanpage, moderating comments, messages received and reviews.
-SocialCreative Graphic Designer: is in charge of creating the content of the PED (post, cover image) from a graphic point of view, devising the creative concept of the message to be conveyed and respecting the technical specifications of the media.
-Copywriter: is responsible for writing the textual part of posts, known as "copy," using an engaging writing style appropriate to the type of media.

Our consulting activities on Social:

Customized consulting to optimize online presence on Facebook. Through analysis of business needs and goals, we develop targeted strategies to increase engagement, improve brand visibility, and generate tangible results. From content creation to campaign management, we take care of every aspect of a Facebook project.

We offer tailored consulting on TikTok to create original and engaging content that captures the attention of the audience. Our team takes care of every step of the way on TikTok, from creative strategy to campaign management. Through data and performance analysis, we constantly optimize strategies to maximize return on investment.

We offer customized consulting for companies that want to employ YouTube as a marketing channel. We take care of every stage of a project in detail, from the production of quality videos to the strategic management of YouTube channels and advertising campaigns. We constantly optimize content management and any paid activities to achieve concrete and measurable results over time.

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