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YouTube is the most visited platform in the world, has surpassed the social network Facebook, and is second only to Google in terms of access. More than one billion users log on each month spending on average more than one hour per day enjoying mostly video from mobile. Video has become one of the main formats of communication and is constantly growing, both for entertainment and for information, and YouTube is undoubtedly the most important reference for the dissemination of this type of content.

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Paid campaigns on Youtube

YouTube ad campaigns allow you to target a very profiled audience while also investing small budgets. Ads can be used to generate leads, traffic to a website or even just to increase brand awareness and make your brand more visible. YouTube campaigns can be activated through the Google Ads platform, and the benefits they bring are numerous:
- Target selection: YouTube gives the ability to create highly segmented campaigns to reach specific targets based on various parameters such as keywords searched by the user, interests, video topics, age, and gender.
- Measurement and monitoring: YouTube provides socio-demographic data of target users, giving accurate information on how often the ad is ignored and what percentage is seen.

- Low costs: with YouTube ads you are guaranteed to pay only for those that are actually viewed (if they are viewed for at least 30 seconds), if the ad is "skipped" or viewed under 30 seconds no amount will be charged to the advertiser.
- Ad diversification: YouTube allows ads to be differentiated according to specific needs, from shorter ads that cannot be skipped by users, to longer videos that can be skipped after the first 5 seconds.

Main Youtube ad formats

These are the main formats of Youtube Ads:
- TrueView In-Stream ads: They appear within other videos and can be skipped after the first 5 seconds. They can be displayed on the video partner network and display during or after a video.
- Discovery Video Ads: Ads of this type appear among YouTube search results and in the related video column.
- Bumper ad: Short duration videos (cannot exceed 6 seconds) that are displayed while the user is watching a video. It cannot be skipped.
- Display Ads: These are the classic banners (images, gifs or html) that are visible to the right of a video or on top of it.

- Masthead Ads: This type of ad must be booked directly with YouTube (which will charge the site booking for 24 hours). The masthead can have different sizes and formats, depending on the device on which it is displayed, usually on desktop it consists of a horizontal block placed on top of the YouTube home page.

Why choose an agency for Youtube management?

Our team of is composed of qualified Google Ads certified experts. Also since 2017, we have been proudly Google Premier Partner. Through our specialization as a Google Premier Partner Agency, we have honed our skills in creating high-quality content for YouTube over time. Our team of social media managers, videomakers and graphic designers are dedicated to producing engaging and personalized content. With a strategic and innovative approach, Spada Media Group is committed to offering tailored solutions ensuring tangible and concrete results.

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