Ooh campaigns for Easy Toys

Ooh campaign in the sex toys industry to increase brand visibility and consumer interest. Strategic use of out-of-home advertising space in high-traffic locations to reach the desired target market. Creative ad creation to capture audience attention.



EasyToys chose us to plan its first OOH campaign in Italy, an achievement that allowed us to bring the message of "The Clitoris Conquest" to some of the most strategic areas of Milan.


To reach and communicate with a wide and diverse audience the cultural taboos related to female sexuality through a bold and credible poster campaign.


With a strategic and timely approach, our project team managed to illuminate the main streets of Milan with creativity capable of capturing the attention of passersby, arousing curiosity and amazement. We turned a taboo subject into an educational and engaging experience through a bold Out of Home campaign. Our focused and creative approach made the campaign memorable, thus helping to break a taboo subject and promote an open and positive discussion about female pleasure.

OOH Campaign
in Italy


YouTube campaign


Millions of total gross contacts for the OOH campaign.

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