TV commercial for B2B company

Creation of TV commercial for Electroelsa, a leader in worksite lifting solutions, targeted at the B2B market. Through careful design and production, the innovation and reliability of their products was highlighted, increasing the visibility and positive brand perception among industry professionals. The video strengthened brand awareness, positioning Electroelsa as a trusted partner in the industrial environment.



The client Electroelsa, a market leader in jobsite lifting solutions, wanted to make a TV commercial for the first time to increase its brand awareness in the B2B construction industry, with national visibility.


Making a commercial for a purely B2B company, highlighting the quality of the products, but speaking with an ironic tone of voice and with medieval references.


We designed the commercial with our creative team, starting from the concept phase (A whole other story) and with the writing of the storyboard. The filming was done at the client's company, where all the equipment to be represented was present, and an ad hoc set design was assembled for each of the 2 commercials, prepared in the studio beforehand.

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