Get maximum engagement through events

Spada Media Group specializes in organizing different types of events, from conventions to corporate events or public events.

The communicative efficacy of an event is given by the high involvement of the public who is offered an immersive and 360 ° experience within which they can get in touch with a product or get to know a brand in an unconventional way.

In the case of a corporate event or a convention, logistics, timing organization and location management are of fundamental importance to ensure maximum guest satisfaction.

In both cases, the public is the key to the success of the event and for this reason it is important to turn to professionals with experience in both organization and management who know from the design phase to offer advice and follow the customer in all phases up to the final realization.

In addition, the skills of Spada Media Group make the agency able to provide a whole series of complementary services for the organization of an event, such as media coverage, guaranteed by the activity of its internal press office and the production of communication materials, as backdrop, rollup, etc. thanks to its graphic team.

The event categories are essentially four and each differ in different objectives and different types of activities and audience:

Public Events


Corporate Events

Events in shopping centers