Our approach is based on careful planning supported by extensive experience, which positions us as reliable partners in organizing corporate events. Our specialized and highly qualified team is dedicated to turning every idea into reality, carefully following all phases of the event: from planning, to location selection, to the choice and management of suppliers, such as service, catering and entertainment, ensuring a unique and engaging experience for all participants.

Our extensive network of established partnerships enables us to offer effective and proven co-marketing activities aimed at optimizing every aspect of the event. But our commitment also goes beyond organizing the event itself: we take care of media coverage both pre- and post-event, taking care of every communication detail. We also provide all necessary support, from the creation of promotional materials to photography and videomaking services, to ensure that every moment is captured and turned into an indelible memory, thus reinforcing the company's image and message.

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Showroom openings

Theopening of a new location or store is a key communication moment for a company. We aim to turn these events into memorable occasions, where every detail is taken care of with the utmost attention, for clients and partners to discover the new facilities. Our goal is to ensure that the first impact with the company is not only memorable but also representative of the brand's values and identity.

Product Launches

The launch of a new product or service is a crucial and decisive moment for any company, marking the introduction of something new to the market and shaping initial customer perceptions. Therefore, we specialize in organizing launch events that not only capture but also keep the attention of the media, stakeholders, and potential customers.
We create launch events that not only present a product, but also tell a story, build an atmosphere and create a dialogue with the audience.

We ensure that every launch is more than just an announcement-it is an immersive experience that leaves a lasting impression and stimulates conversations around the product, contributing significantly to its success in the marketplace.

Conferences & Conventions

Conventions and corporate meetings play a crucial role in any organization's ecosystem, serving as catalysts for strategic planning and business development. These meetings are not only opportunities to discuss goals and strategies, but also to stimulate innovation, encourage collaboration, and strengthen team ownership. We are fully aware of this importance and offer customized solutions to make every meeting or conference a productive and memorable event.

For internal meetings, we focus on creating an environment that fosters openness and constructive dialogue, while for conferences we aim to provide spaces that stimulate interaction and learning. Our team of professionals takes care of every aspect, from choosing the ideal location to setting up the audiovisual systems, from planning the catering to directing the speeches, ensuring that every detail is aligned with the goals of the event.

Roadshow &
Promotional Tours

Roadshows and promotional tours provide a dynamic and interactive opportunity, ideal for bringing products or services directly to the public in different locations. These traveling events are more than just presentations-they are immersive experiences that enable direct and meaningful contact with audiences, increasing brand awareness and customer loyalty. Our strategy for roadshows and promotional tours begins with detailed planning, considering factors such as optimal locations, timing, and target audiences.

In fact, each tour stop is a unique opportunity to build and strengthen relationships with existing and potential customers, and for this reason, each event is customized to reflect the values and distinctiveness of the brand we represent.

Fairs & Festivals

We can handle more complex events such as fairs and festivals, both for public administrations and for individual clients who would like to participate. These types of events provide an outstanding opportunity for companies to present their products or services in a dynamic and interactive setting, offering an ideal platform for them to meet their potential target audience. These events are not only showcases for exhibiting, but also valuable opportunities to create and develop business relationships, discover new market trends and effectively position your brand in the industry.

Creative synergies

At Spada Media Group, every event is seen as a valuable opportunity to create lasting value and synergies. With a multidisciplinary approach, we are able to follow all the more traditional, as well as the more digital part of the event (creation of a dedicated website, digital invitation tools, advanced entertainment such as photobooths for lead gathering or other engagement mechanisms). We turn events into strategic platforms that go beyond the present moment, building the future of the brand. From showroom openings to international trade shows, every project presents creative and organizational challenges, and can leave an indelible imprint toward its clients.

Our Solutions for Events:

Event Organization

Our strategy is to prove ourselves as reliable partners in event planning, understanding and integrating the specific needs of each client to ensure flawless results. With a multidisciplinary team, we manage the entire process: from conceptual design to logistical organization, from location selection and management to vendor and entertainment arrangements.

Showroom openings

We think of Media as a unique ecosystem: that is why we are able to offer integrated plans on different channels and media, covering the whole country for TV, radio, print, billboards and digital channels. Our strength lies precisely in our ability to propose cross-media solutions that respond in a targeted way to the client's communication goals.

Product Launch

We design and implement tailored Digital Marketing projects with a strong commitment toward achieving communication goals and targets. Maximum attention to performance and analysis of results are the basis of our strategies.

Conferences & Conventions

Creativity and innovation come together, allowing us to generate solutions with high impact and originality. Starting from listening to the client, we design unique creative paths that can tell different identities.

Roadshow & Promotional Tours

We offer strategic cross-media PR consulting that includes both traditional print media and the new communication techniques of social and influencer marketing. It is a constantly changing area, and our consulting changes with it.

Fairs & Festivals

We are a strategic partner in event planning and support the client at every stage of the project: from the creative concept to the choice of location, from coordination of suppliers to entertainment.

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