Our experience and precision make us reliable partners inorganizing corporate events. Our specialized and highly qualified team works to turn every idea into reality, carefully following all phases of the event: from planning, to location selection, to the choice and management of suppliers, such as service, catering and entertainment, ensuring a unique and engaging experience for all participants.

Our extensive network of established partnerships enables us to offer effective and proven co-marketing activities aimed at optimizing every aspect of the event. We also handle both pre- and post-event media coverage, taking care of every detail of communication. Finally, we provide all the necessary support, from the creation of promotional materials to photography and videomaking services, so that every moment can turn into an indelible memory, thus strengthening the company's image and message.

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Showroom openings

The opening of a new location or store is a key communication moment for a company. We aim to turn these events into memorable occasions, where every detail is studied with the utmost care so that clients and partners can discover the new facilities. Our goal is to ensure that the first impact with the company is memorable and representative of the brand's values and identity.

Product Launches

The launch of a new product or service is a decisive moment for any company, to promote the introduction of a novelty in the market and guide the first impression of customers. We therefore specialize in organizing launch events that capture and keep the attention of the media, stakeholders, and potential customers high.
We design launch events that tell a story, create an atmosphere and establish a dialogue with the audience.

We ensure that each launch is more than just an announcement, creating anengaging experience that stimulates curiosity, leaves a lasting impression, and fosters and conversations around the product to contribute to its success.

Conferences & Conventions

Conventions and corporate meetings are key elements in any organization's ecosystem, as they serve as catalysts for strategic planning and company growth. In addition to being opportunities to discuss goals and strategies, these meetings are, above all, able to stimulate innovation, encourage collaboration, and strengthen team ownership. Therefore, we offer customized solutions to make every meeting or conference a profitable and memorable event that helps to spread and consolidate corporate culture.

For internal meetings, we focus on creating an environment that encourages openness and constructive dialogue, while for conferences we aim to provide spaces that stimulate interaction and learning. Our team of professionals takes care of every aspect of the organization, from choosing the ideal location to setting up the audiovisual systems, from planning the catering to directing the speeches, making sure that every detail is aligned with the goals of the event.

Roadshow &
Promotional Tours

Roadshows and promotional tours are an ideal option for presenting products or services in different locations in a dynamic and interactive way. We organize traveling events that offer immersive experiences that can establish direct and meaningful contact with the audience, increasing brand awareness and customer loyalty. Our strategy for roadshows and promotional tours is based on detailed planning, starting with defining decisive factors such as the most suitable locations, timing, and target audience.

In fact, each tour stop is a crucial opportunity to build and strengthen relationships with existing and potential customers.To foster this dynamic, each event is customized to best reflect the typical values and characteristics of the brand we represent.

Fairs & Festivals

We organize events such as fairs and festivals, both for public administrations and individuals. These types of events provide an outstanding opportunity to present products or services in a dynamic and interactive setting, offering an ideal platform for meeting your potential target audience. Fairs and festivals represent important showcases for companies, and above all, ensure valuable opportunities to create and develop business relationships, discover new market trends and effectively position the brand within its industry.

Creative synergies

For us, every event is a valuable opportunity to create value and lasting partnerships. Thanks to our multidisciplinary approach we are able to follow all the more traditional, as well as the digital part of the event, from creating a dedicated website, to using digital invitation tools and Innovative entertainment systems such as photobooth for lead collection and other strategies for the public involvement. From showroom openings to international trade fairs, each project thus becomes a tool for building the future of the brand, leaving an indelible memory in the participants.

Our Solutions for Events:

Our strategy is to prove ourselves as reliable partners in event planning, understanding and integrating the specific needs of each client to ensure flawless results. Our multidisciplinary team takes care of every stage of development, from concept design to logistical organization from location selection and management.

The opening of a showroom is a major event for launching and promoting new products and services. We specialize in organizing this type of event, offering a complete and professional service

The launch of a new product is a strategic and sensitive time for any company. It is a key opportunity to introduce novelty to the market and capture the attention of consumers. A well-planned launch can make the difference between a product's success and anonymity.

Roadshows and promotional tours are essential strategic tools for market penetration and customer loyalty, used to present products and services directly in different geographical locations.

Conferences and conventions are key events for promoting innovation and collaboration among companies. In fact, they offer a stage to discuss the latest trends, engage directly with industry experts, and present new research and products.

Fairs and festivals are dynamic platforms for showcasing products and services, directly engaging a wide and varied audience. These events provide an exceptional opportunity for companies to demonstrate their innovativeness and interact with consumers and stakeholders in a lively and interactive setting.

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