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With more than 350,000 people over six days from 113 countries, the Salone del Mobile and Fuorisalone is a great opportunity to get your brand known. Take advantage of our advertising space to make your company known.

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Maxi posters MIlano

Spada Media Group offers several solutions for maxi billboards, which are the most prestigious medium for brand visibility in the heart of the city. The impact is made by the large format, often very central locations, and lighting that amplifies the effect even in the evening hours. The maxi posters are able to amaze, excite and fix the brand image in the eyes of the general public who frequent the beating heart of Milan.

Subway stations

One format that is popular with national and international brands is that of the customizations of Milan's subway stations, which guarantee both a strong impact and a high number of contacts, as these areas are the busiest among transit environments. These outdoor or transit advertising formats also give the opportunity to create brand experience projects, in which the user is immersed in a fully personalized environment and can interact with led screens or promoters placed at strategic points.

Milan decorated streetcars

Milan's streetcars are a characteristic means of transportation in the city, and their decoration is one of the most impactful means of outdoor advertising. The customization of the cars creates a surprise effect, a creativity in motion, that amazes people moving downtown or using them (public transportation in downtown Milan is widely used, also due to the presence of the limited traffic zone for cars). The other advantage of streetcar advertising is that it is itinerant, a mega-format moving advertisement that strikes the attention of a very wide audience.Our support begins with a consultation to understand each client's unique needs and the specifics of the target audience.

Digital circuits

The subway is undoubtedly the most popular means of transport used by visitors to the Salone del Mobile and those attending the many events related to the Fuorisalone. There are a number of advertising formats in the Milan metro area that can reach a very large number of contacts. Digital circuits are definitely the most prestigious and consist of vertical digital screens placed in major metro stations. In addition to these, there are also circuits that are not digital but simply illuminated.

Milan Airports

The Milan airports of Malpensa, Linate and Orio al Serio are the first point of contact for visitors from abroad or other Italian regions. The airport is a context in which visitors have time and mental availability to take in the advertising message of a brand or designer. Passengers, within a welcoming environment such as an airport, can use this time to find out what will await them at the fair or delve more deeply into what they have already seen at city events. The advertising circuits are composed of vertical digital screens placed at the main passing or waiting points. The screens are dedicated exclusively to advertising, with a maximum rotation of 6 clients and no audio.

Street furniture

A viable alternative to more expensive installations is street furniture, which allows for a widespread presence in the area, particularly in the central areas of the city, which is very crowded during the Milan Design Week period. The main feature of the proposed OOH implants is quality: they are in fact backlit and under-glass implants, which allow excellent readability of the message. The standard European format also used in Milan is 120×180 cm, and installations can be backlit or digital, with superior visual quality and the possibility of inserting video or animation.

Our Solutions for Billboards in Milan:

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