The right graphics and image for brand awareness

The creation of a display campaign, whether it is Google Ads, RTB or other, needs that the end user come into contact, in their online navigation path, with a series of advertisements inserted within the websites: so-called banners. It is therefore important for a brand to differentiate itself from competitors by creating customized and captivating banners, capable of attracting the user’s attention and at the same time respecting the coordinated image of the brand. These graphic materials must therefore be made professionally, respecting specific parameters (dimensions, weight, animations, etc.): for this reason it is important to rely on professionals such as Spada Media Group, which includes a dedicated team of Graphic Designers specialized in digital media.

Phases of the project

1. Definition of banner type

In order to proceed with the creation of banners it is necessary to define the type of campaign for which they are required, in order to identify the specific formats: these can be Google display campaigns, RTB, advertisements on news portals, sliders for websites . Generally for Google Ads or RTB campaigns, banners are requested in the standard IAB formats (which include 9 banners of different sizes); there are also other specific formats, such as skin and musthead (wider banners positioned in highly visible areas of the web page) or ad hoc requested formats (for example for a client site). All the various formats must respect some specific parameters of the platform that will host them, such as size, animations, weight, desktop/mobile optimization.

Timing: 5 working days (to be confirmed based on the specific project)

2. Definition of the banner subject and creation of the first graphic draft

Among the first activities it is essential to define the subject of the banners and the elements they will contain, which generally are: textual part with promotion (expressed in an attractive way with few words), button with call to action, background image or pattern, customer logo.

Timing: 2 working days (to be confirmed based on the specific project)


3. Achievement banner set

Once the subject has been defined, the graphic designer proceeds with the creation of a first version of the banners in the agreed formats, which will be sent to the customer for an initial feedback (in the case of a set of banners, only some formats will initially be created. The complete set will be completed once approval is received). The graphic concept of the banners can be created ad hoc directly by our specialist, based on the information received. If, on the other hand, the graphic content already exists, the graphic designer takes care of adapting the creativity in the various formats (in this case it is necessary to receive the open file of the graphic).

Timing: 5 working days (to be confirmed based on the specific project)

4. Fine tuning

At the end of the graphic creation activity, the banners are sent to the customer for confirmation, and if necessary we proceed with any changes up to the final version.

Timing: 2 working days (to be confirmed based on the specific project)


5. Final delivery

Once approved, the banners are sent to the customer or directly to the campaign reference platform (eg Google Ads, RTB, etc.), on the basis of commercial agreements.

Timing: 1 working day (to be confirmed based on the specific project)


Staff employed

  • Account Manager: is the reference figure for the customer and is responsible for managing all the operational phases related to the creation of banners, acting as an intermediary between the customer/commercial area/graphic designer.
  • Graphic Designer: takes care of creating banners in the formats required by the specific campaign from a graphic point of view, devising the creative concept of the message to be transmitted and respecting the technical specifications of the respective media.


Plus of the service

  • Promote brand recognition and memorability thanks to the creation of professional banners, with a recognizable style, adhering to the customer’s image.
  • Improvement of the corporate image and support in achieving the objectives set through successful communication.
  • Increase in traffic to your website thanks to the use of customized banners made according to the latest design trends.


Why choose Spada Media Group

  • Internal Graphic Design department, professional and updated on the latest trends
  • Consulting approach with a focus on digital marketing
  • Single agency for cross-media campaigns
  • Design of off-site and on-site strategies aimed at specific objectives
  • Constant monitoring of campaign performance
  • Dedicated team of digital communication specialists
  • Training and continuous updating
  • Google Premier Partner Certification
  • Accredited Professional Bing Ads
  • Facebook and Linkedin Marketing Partner
  • Prestashop Partner Agency
  • Mailup Partner