Grafica Pubblicitaria Milano

The first impact is what counts: for this, a brand must present itself well, be recognized and be remembered.

As a graphic agency, Spada Media Group offers its customers numerous services, both on digital and paper supports, dealing specifically, mainly with:

Thanks to its many years of experience both in the web field and in traditional advertising, Spada Media Group is in fact able to identify the most suitable style for each medium, format, type of business or product. The image that a company gives of itself through the graphics chosen for its communications is the first contact with potential customers and therefore plays a fundamental role in expanding its business and building its brand image.

Relying on a competent graphic agency is therefore not secondary, and for this reason, for years, at Spada Media Group we have been taking care of the image of our customers, creating the most suitable graphic design for them, always in line with their values. deeper but, at the same time, fresh and compelling.

From the management of advertising campaigns to the design of logos, from the creation or restyling of the Corporate Identity (brochures, business cards, letterheads and flyers) to the development of dynamic corporate websites with WordPress and responsive on different devices, each project of Spada Media Group is attention to detail and with the utmost attention to detail

Spada Media Group can count on professional designers able to create graphic projects for original creativity and always in line with current trends by taking care of all aspects of creation, from the choice of images to the shapes and colors to be used up to the selection of the lettering and of the most suitable font. As a graphic agency, Spada offers advice to dozens of active clients in the Milan area and its province, creating incisive campaigns with a strong communicative effectiveness capable of capturing the attention of the client’s target audience, respecting and enhancing their codes and style.

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