“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

Albert Einstein.


The human being has always had the need to transmit information from one individual to another, so finding the best way to communicate becomes necessary.

Concepts such as graphic creativity and communication go in the same direction and with the digital age it becomes essential to find a subject capable of understanding and interpreting customer needs and consumer trends.

Various researches have shown that images have a much higher impact on consumer attention than just written texts, for this communication and creativity must work synergistically to obtain the maximum result.

Being able to give concrete form to thoughts and concepts to develop an effective message is a real art: Spada Media Group, through a specialized team of graphic designers and designers, finds solutions to transmit the value proposition of its customers giving importance to each aspect of graphic processing, from the choice of colors to the layout up to the choice of the most suitable fonts. The agency specializes in the creation of creativity for all formats and media: billboards, advertising posters, social media, banners, brochures up to the creation of logo and corporate identity.