Brand design, the first level of communication

Brand design is the essence of the company’s image and is one of our “flagship” within the Graphic Design services. Spada Media Group offer services such as naming, logo and design study of the entire corporate identity.

The logo is the starting point and the foundation of all company visual communication: the visual identity (symbol and logotype) must lead to the improvement and the immediate recognition of the company by highlighting the quality and reaching a perfect balance between aesthetics and values that you intend to communicate. Our graphic study starts with the analysis of the client, its business environment and the main competitors. We examine form, colour, font and style, then we build up different proposals of brands and we submit them to the client. Along with the logo study we can prepare a pay-off proposal.

The bases of a good logo are legibility and brand awareness; we believe in originality and, at the same time, in simplicity and elegance. That’s why we prefer using evocative and high-impact elements that are in line with the communication style of the client and keep consistency between all the elements. We follow these guidelines even with the definition of the whole corporate image.

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    Creating an effective logo is the first step to communicate and enhance your brand image, but it doesn’t exhaust it. This is why we take care of the corporate coordinated image in all its facets, from the declinations for web and social networks, to those for traditional means of commercial and promotional communication (letterhead, business cards, folders, brochures, Power Point presentations master, gadget customization). The whole coordinated image provides the company with an important and coherent communication set, an added value that gives strength and effectiveness to its brand identity.


    Discount applied on the list price in case of creation of a new logo
    with coordinated image or brandbook

    Phases of the project

    1. Concept Development

    In a first phase, the activity of designing the new logo, or restyling of the existing logo, will be concentrated on the study of the concept, starting from an in-depth analysis of the sectoral graphic trends and a benchmarking of the competitors’ logos after a first meeting. of briefs for the definition of the fundamental elements (style, colors, fonts, etc.). The logo study can also be accompanied by a pay-off proposal, a short sentence positioned under the logo that represents the company, which makes its identity explicit, making the brand recognizable in any circumstance, developed according to a similar process. After this phase, the concept will be declined in different drafts to define the detailed elements and therefore the definitive logo.

    Timing: 5 working days (to be confirmed based on the specific project)

    2. Final logo delivery

    Once the optimal proposal has been identified together with the customer, the definitive logo will be delivered in executive format in the various graphic extensions (.eps .png .ai .jpg .tiff) and eventually the logo use manual can be created. To preserve the graphic value of a logo over time, it is important to draw up rules of use that allow future applications without accidentally distorting the principles with which the logo was conceived (providing precise technical indications also for the use of any third parties , such as partners, suppliers, resellers, etc.). The manual defines, for example, the applications of the same in negative, in monochrome, with the minimum size of the font, in application on photographs, in combination with other forms, with uses not allowed, etc.

    Timing: 5 working days (to be confirmed based on the specific project)


    3. Creation of a coordinated image

    Once the logo has been defined, it can be declined in materials with standard formats, useful for daily corporate communication. The generally requested executive formats are:

    • Letterhead
    • Business card
    • Email signature foot
    • Envelope
    • Document holder
    • Creation of the Brand book

    Depending on the project requested, any other formats (for example web or social formats) may also be included in the service. In this phase, all the required formats are then created and shared with the customer.

    Timing: 5 working days (to be confirmed based on the specific project


    Staff employed

    • Account Manager: he is the reference figure for the client and is responsible for managing all the operational phases related to the creation of the logo studio and the coordinated image, acting as an intermediary between the client/commercial area/graphic designer/copywriter.
    • Graphic Designer: takes care of creating the logo study and adaptations for the coordinated image, respecting the client’s brand identity and the technical specifications of the respective media.
    • Copywriter: deals with the drafting of textual content related to the logo and corporate identity study, for example the design of a payoff, using an engaging writing style suitable for the type of media used.


    The pluses of the service

    • Promote brand recognition and memorability by creating an effective logo.
    • The whole coordinated image provides the company with an important and coherent communication set, an added value that gives strength and effectiveness to its brand identity.
    • Improvement of the corporate image and support for the achievement of the set objectives through successful communication.


    Why choose Spada Media Group

    • Highly professional internal Graphic Design department
    • Consulting approach with a focus on digital marketing
    • Single agency for cross-media campaigns
    • Design of off-site and on-site strategies aimed at specific objectives
    • Constant monitoring of campaign performance
    • Dedicated team of digital communication specialists
    • Training and continuous updating
    • Google Premier Partner Certification
    • Accredited Professional Bing Ads
    • Facebook and Linkedin Marketing Partner
    • Prestashop Partner Agency
    • Mailup Partner

    Some of the logos we made: