The main objective of a professional photo shoot is to best enhance the image of a brand or a company, communicating key values ​​and messages. Corporate photography is in fact an integral part of the company’s image: it constitutes an essential business card.


In the era of digital communication, where the image and immediacy of communication are fundamental, presenting yourself in a professional way, with an accurate and effective image is strategic for companies because, whatever the means they choose to communicate with its users, the “photographic visual” will always be a fundamental part of the communication itself.

Spada Media Group offers a complete service in this field that includes the creation of corporate photographic services of various kinds, from event reports to the presentation of the headquarters/offices/showroom of customers, staff, to product shooting. The project is structured together with the customer, in order to best respond to specific needs, defining style and type of shot. A corporate service, in general, will tell about the spaces, the production processes, the people who animate it, the values ​​and strengths of the company.

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    Once the photographic material has been created, it can be used on different channels and can respond to different communication objectives: it can be used for the customer’s website, for the creation of social campaigns, for Direct Email Marketing actions, for the development of communication traditional paper (such as brochures, leaflets and catalogs), or for communication dedicated to trade fairs and events or even internally, for corporate events and activities.

    Phases of the project

    1. Design

    The planning phase of the photographic service starts from the evaluation of the client’s requests: following specific briefs, the objectives of the activity are identified and from this information the most suitable professional photographer for the type of service is identified and the project that must include:

    • type/style of shots (event reportage, portraits, still life, environments, etc.)
    • list of required shots/subjects to be taken
    • location in which to perform the service (showroom/client offices, photographic studio, etc.)
    • timing for the realization of the shots


    Timing: 5 working days (to be confirmed based on the specific project)


    2. Realization of the service

    The professional photographer provides for the operational realization of the shooting, using professional equipment (cameras, tripods, optics, accessories, flash lights). The service can take place at a location indicated by the customer or at a photographic studio, and has a standard duration of 4/8 hours (start and end on the same day). In any case, depending on the objectives and the type of activity, it is possible to carry out services of one or more days.

    The project also includes the preparation of all the forms aimed at obtaining consent for the use and publication of the images, which is mandatory for activities of this type: all subjects photographed in the shots will then be asked to fill in a specific release.

    Timing: 1/2 working days (to be confirmed based on the specific project)


    3. Selection and post-production

    Once the service is over, the photographer takes care of the post-production of the files with macro corrections (adjustments on lights, tones, contrasts) and a selection of the best shots.

    Timing: 2 working days (to be confirmed based on the specific project)


    4. Final delivery

    The delivery of the complete photographic service is guaranteed within 12/24 hours from the end of the service, through wetransfer with maximum resolution files (jpg or tiff), photographic DVD.

    Timing: 12/24 hours from the end of the activity (to be confirmed based on the specific project)


    Staff employed

    • Account Manager: he is the reference figure for the customer and is responsible for managing all the operational phases related to the creation of a photo shoot, acting as a link between the customer and photographers. In particular, he takes care of the inspection of the location where the service will be carried out, for the choice of the sets for the shots and to give indications on all the logistical aspects (for example clothing, safety at work, equipment, etc.)
    • Professional photographer: takes care of creating the photo shoot and subsequent post-production on the images, through the use of professional equipment and software.


    Plus of the service

    • Promote brand recognition and memorability thanks to the creation of professional images, with a recognizable style, in keeping with the customer’s image.
    • Improvement of the corporate image and support in achieving the objectives set through successful communication.
    • Provide versatile and personalized photographic material, easily usable in different contexts: from the website to social campaigns, from poster design to paper brochures.


    Why choose Spada Media Group

    • Collaborations with highly specialized professional photographers and videomakers
    • Internal Graphic Design Department, professional and updated on the latest trends
    • Consulting approach with a focus on digital marketing
    • The only agency for cross-media campaigns
    • Creation of off-site and on-site strategies aimed at specific objectives
    • Constant monitoring of campaign performance
    • Dedicated team of digital communication specialists
    • Training and continuous updating
    • Google Premier Partner Certification
    • Accredited Professional Bing Ads
    • Facebook and Linkedin Marketing Partner
    • Prestashop Partner Agency
    • Mailup Partner