PowerPoint presentations: the business card of your brand

Communicating in a persuasive and engaging way the value and strengths of a brand or a corporate service is fundamental and often a few slides, with an attractive and well-structured design, are enough to make the difference: a well-made presentation proves to be a tool very valuable marketing, able to capture the attention of the audience making the message you want to convey memorable.

An effective, emotional and impactful PowerPoint presentation allows you to improve the corporate image and at the same time to contribute decisively to the achievement of the set objectives through successful communication.

Creating the most effective graphic master, devising the most suitable structural model for the communication objective, devising an original iconographic style, outlining the most important elements of the speech and the “so what” of each slide: these are the fundamental phases at the basis of a good business presentation.

We offer templates that follow corporate coordinated image and, at the same time, most current graphic trends, always taking into consideration the fact that they can be simple to manage and update independently with the various programs available (PowerPoint, Key Note, Google presentations…).

As a creative and marketing consultancy agency, we can take care of all this, in every aspect: from the development of the concept and storyboard (i.e. the narrative structure of the presentation), to the care of textual and graphic content, up to the insertion of animations or multimedia elements such as videos and gifs.

In particular, we can create the following types of business presentations:

  • Company presentations for product launches
  • Internal company presentations dedicated to management
  • Institutional presentations such as company profile, start-up launch or BoD
  • Presentation of projects such as business plans or investor pitches
  • Marketing and financial presentations
  • Presentations for events and conferences
  • Sales and sales support presentations
  • Presentations for training courses
  • Master templates coordinated with the corporate image
  • Infographics with creative power point toolkits for personalized key notes