Brand design is the essence of the company’s image and is one of our “flagship” within the Graphic Design services. Spada Agency offer services such as naming, logo and design study of the entire corporate identity.

The logo is the starting point and the foundation of all company visual communication: the visual identity (symbol and logotype) must lead to the improvement and the immediate recognition of the company by highlighting the quality and reaching a perfect balance between aesthetics and values that you intend to communicate. Our graphic study starts with the analysis of the client, its business environment and the main competitors. We examine form, colour, font and style, then we build up different proposals of brands and we submit them to the client. Along with the logo study we can prepare a pay-off proposal.

The bases of a good logo are legibility and brand awareness; we believe in originality and, at the same time, in simplicity and elegance. That’s why we prefer using evocative and high-impact elements that are in line with the communication style of the client and keep consistency between all the elements. We follow these guidelines even with the definition of the whole corporate image.

We finally deal with the image coordination in all its aspects, from the web and the social to the traditional means of business and promotional communication (letterhead, business cards, folders, brochures, master power point presentations, gadgets customization). The coordination of the whole company image provides a set of important and consistent communication that gives intensity and effectiveness to their brand identity.