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Press office for dietary supplement company

Press office management Juice Plus+ an expert company in the dietary supplement industry. Communication strategies aimed at positioning the brand as a benchmark in health and wellness on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Juice Plus+'s cornerstone product



To produce an innovative and engaging communication campaign on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the client's main product, the Essentials Capsule Miscela Frutta and Miscela Verdura line.


Devise an ad hoc campaign to celebrate this important milestone by telling the best story of the client's most iconic product over the decades. Goal: To find a high-impact creative concept to engage media and community.


We launched the media strategy through a fruit and vegetable "show cooking" themed press event involving journalists and industry influencers. Undisputed protagonists are the Capsules and all their ingredients. In a second phase, we narrated the evolution of the product through the creation of some special "anniversary boxes" dedicated to selected partners and customers in the Italian and Spanish markets. Thanks to this dual activity, we were able to satisfy our client in making this milestone memorable: the Italian case was taken up by the international network as an example for the global Juice Plus+ community to follow.


Journalists who took part in the event


Influencers who participated and created content


Press articles published including one on Menshealth.com/en

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