We think of the Media as a unique ecosystem. Therefore, we are able to offer integrated plans on different channels and media, covering the whole country. The strength of our Media Center is to propose cross-media plans that respond in a targeted manner to the client's communication goals. Our media portfolio is very broad and comprehensive: from TV to radio, from print to billboards, to digital out of home and all digital media. In particular, on digital media we always seek the best innovation in performance marketing to continue to generate excellent returns and clear indications of campaign data.

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Advertising planning

Our Media Center operates as a central hub for communication strategy design and management of offline and online campaigns. We identify and select the most significant media by creating the right media-mix for the brands we support, analyzing the client's context and target audience for the most effective communication with maximum results. We offer a wide range of services for planning advertising campaigns through multiple TV, radio and print channels. As a concessionaire, we work with major Italian media groups, including Rai, Mediaset, LA7, and Sky.

In addition, we partner with major national radio stations such as RDS, Radio 105, RTL 102.5 and Radio Deejay. Our media network is further expanded by prestigious print partners with top publishers such as Corriere della Sera, La Repubblica and Vogue, to name a few. Completing the panel of our Media Center services is the area of theOut Of Home (OOH) e Digital Out Of Home (DOOH), which offers billboards in various formats, dynamic advertising on urban transportation in major Italian circuits, and maxi-billboards in strategic locations with large flows such as airports, train stations, sports facilities and large shopping malls. Complementing these areas are all the web marketing services we can flank to enhance the message of advertising campaigns and maximize results by going after different targets.

Audience Analysis & Media Planning

Our consultancy starts with a specific analysis of the different brand audiences by selecting the most on-target media. Planning for the client's budget is based on targeted strategies that include managing the purchase of media space, negotiating to get the client the best possible service, all the way to closing and putting into production with measurement of results.
To summarize, there are 5 main stages we are concerned with:

- Target analysis: in-depth study of media and audience assessment to maximize resonance of campaigns.
- Media Planning: planning integrated communication campaigns aligned with the client's marketing objectives.
- Media Buying: negotiation with major networks to obtain the best space and advertising terms to maximize budget efficiency.
- Monitoring: constant oversight of campaigns to ensure that execution is in accordance with strategic plans.
- Reporting: detailed and specific reporting for each campaign, with a special focus on various KPIs

Rely on a Media Center is strategic for optimizing the management and organization of communication: the evolution of marketing is taking place at an increasingly fast pace, and to stay ahead of the curve, with cutting-edge strategies, it is necessary to have an in-depth knowledge of the various market dynamics and to stay abreast of the latest industry trends in advertising. At Spada Media Group, we strive every day to provide excellent consulting services in this dynamic and constantly changing environment.

Several solutions with a single point of contact

We are proud to have developed a methodology and solution that simplifies the work of our clients, consolidating our reputation as a leading Italian marketing agency. Indeed, our approach is geared toward ensuring a reliable, comprehensive and integrated service: being a single point of contact for clients means reducing the complexity of campaign management and ensuring consistent communication of corporate identity. Turning to us and entrusting us with the entire communication management means being able to have a single intermediary and a single point of contact who always acts as a reference point for all processes by taking charge of all suppliers and operational management of campaigns. In a nutshell: simplify complex management with maximum results.

Our Media Solutions:


In recent years, the habits of Italians with respect to television consumption have undergone a significant change: in fact, more than 72 percent of viewers now routinely watch streaming television. In particular, more than 50 percent of 18-34 year olds prefer to watch TV programs via mobile devices and laptops.


Italians' habit of tuning in to radio, with a base of 36.3 million daily listeners (Source: Auditel), represents a huge opportunity in advertising.


In the age of digital communication, billboard advertising retains a prominent position as an irreplaceable and impactful marketing tool.


Despite the explosion of digital media, print remains an essential communication channel. In print media, each ad enjoys a dedicated space, free from interruptions and distractions typical of other media.


In the current marketing environment, airport advertising emerges as a highly relevant strategic solution. Our offer includes advertising campaigns in the most important airports in Italy.

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