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The Caravaggio International Airport of Bergamo-Orio Al Serio is located 50km from Milan, near Bergamo and is part of the Milan airport system, ranking in total number of passengers after Milan Malpensa and as the main hub for low-cost flights, followed by Terminal 2 of Milan Malpensa. Terminal 1, the facility's only terminal, is Ryanair's main base; however, Wizz Air and Alitalia also fly. The main destinations are Rome-Fiumicino, Naples, London and Istanbul.

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Target audience

The airport has the third largest number of passengers in Italy (just over 13 million annually), mainly Italians (70%), who travel for pleasure (about 83%). The age group is quite young, mainly under 55, with the 14-34 age group accounting for 44% of passengers.. There are numerous dining and commercial outlets. Exclusive services are also available such as BGY TOP, which provides reception, baggage transport and fast access.

The formats for
the airport

It is possible to purchase advertising positions such as backlit installations, or digital advertising screen circuits. These broadcast simultaneously over a number of areas located in different parts of the airport, and are shared with other clients on a rotating basis. Airport advertising involves different formats, including:

- Signage and billboards: prestigious, large-, medium-, and small-format images-even backlit ones-placed along the flows of busy airport areas such as balconies or baggage claim columns.
- Backlit facilities: located particularly in the check-in area, in front of the check-in desks
- Video systems: high resolution and high quality digital ledwalls placed in strategic areas (entrances, check-in and boarding) that can contain within them up to 6 different advertisements on air 18 hours a day (05.00 - 23.00) for 14 days.
- Display & hostess areas: highly visible protected areas in which to display cars, motorcycles, product and service showcases manned by thematically dressed staff.

How much does it cost to advertise at the airport in Orio al Serio?

At Spada Media Group, we offer several advertising opportunities to maximize your brand visibility at the Bergamo - Orio Al Serio airport. The airport has backlit posters and circuits of digital advertising screens. To achieve optimal coverage, we recommend planning 30-day advertising campaigns, with a price range of €10,000 to €40,000, depending on the placement of the plants and the area covered.

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