Billboards are an essential element in the advertising landscape and are a significant component of our Media Center service portfolio. This method of communication is particularly effective in reaching a wide and varied audience, playing a key role in attracting the attention of potential customers. In Bari, a vibrant city with a rich cultural heritage and a lively Mediterranean atmosphere, billboards prove to be an ideal communication tool to convey the message directly and effectively.

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Why Invest in Billboards in Bari

Billboards in Bari offer a valuable advertising opportunity to promote brands, products and services to a diverse and large audience. Bari, with its dynamic local population and constant flow of tourists, both domestic and international, is the ideal environment for high-impact advertising campaigns. In the city, billboards are not just communication tools, but become visual focal points that capture attention in a rich and stimulating urban context. Bari's cultural life and events, such as the Feast of St. Nicholas and the many fairs and markets, attract a diverse audience. These occasions represent exceptional opportunities for companies to interact with an international and attentive audience. In this scenario, billboards become effective communication channels, capable of conveying lasting and high-impact messages.

Formats of Billboards in Bari

In Bari, we offer a wide range of advertising formats, including:

- Maxi installations or maxi billboards: large advertising spaces for significant visual impact in areas with high traffic density.
- LED screens: state-of-the-art solutions for an eye-catching and modern visual effect.
- Train stations and transit areas: strategic locations for billboards that target travelers and commuters.
- Personalized public transportation: an innovative way to turn buses and trains into mobile communication tools.
- 6x3 posters: traditional advertising formats, effective in areas of high pedestrian and vehicular traffic.
- Mupi (mobilier urbain pour l'information): street furniture solutions for advertising, often with vertical screens at key points in the city.
- Signs 100x140 and 140x200: ideal sizes for effective communications in various urban settings.
- Banners and flags: decorative elements that provide additional visibility along roads and in major places of interest.

These options are available for both permanent and temporary leases, with minimum on air periods of 14 days, subject to local regulations.

Planning and strategy

Choosing to rely on Spada Media Group for billboard campaigns in Bari means leveraging our deep knowledge of the local area. We are committed to providing our clients with a customized partnership that takes into account the unique characteristics of the city and its audience. Our process begins with a detailed consultation to understand the specific needs of each client and the peculiarities of the target audience. This phase is crucial for developing an effective strategy and selecting the most appropriate locations, taking into account visibility, people flow and the specifics of each area. Our in-depth knowledge of the Bari area allows us to identify the best advertising opportunities based on the characteristics of each neighborhood and area, ensuring that the advertising message reaches the desired audience optimally.

We also offer complete process management from design to billboard implementation, ensuring that each step is executed with precision and professionalism. This includes handling all logistical and administrative matters, allowing our clients to focus fully on their business. Throughout the process, we maintain constant and transparent communication, providing regular updates to ensure that every aspect of the campaign is in line with our clients' expectations and goals.

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