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Billboards are an essential element in advertising and are a key part of our Media Center's portfolio of services. This medium offers widespread coverage, reaching a large and diverse audience, especially in a city like Bergamo, which is rich in history and vitality. Thanks to our experience in the field and our in-depth knowledge of Bergamo's urban fabric, we carefully select the best locations to ensure maximum visibility. We manage the entire process, from the design of the ads to their distribution and installation.

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A Strategic Investment for Bergamo

Activating billboard advertising campaigns in Bergamo offers many strategic advantages. First, Bergamo is a city with a rich history and a vibrant cultural scene, attractive to a diverse local and tourist audience. Billboards make it possible to effectively reach this diverse audience, ensuring tangible and immediate visibility of the brand or product being promoted. Second, Bergamo is a growing economic center with an active business and industrial community. By activating poster campaigns, it is possible to intercept this active audience, generating interest in and awareness of the services offered.

In addition, Bergamo enjoys a strategic geographic location in the heart of Lombardy, one of the most economically dynamic regions in Italy. Activating billboard campaigns in Bergamo therefore allows you to extend your reach beyond the city limits, reaching a potentially wider audience. Finally, billboards offer an affordable and convenient opportunity to promote one's brand or product. Ads posted on the street capture people's attention as they move around the city, ensuring consistent and long-lasting exposure.

Different Formats of Billboards in Bergamo

In Bergamo, we offer a diverse range of advertising formats, including:

- Maxi plants and maxi billboards: to maximize visual impact in high-traffic areas.
- LED screens: for dynamic and eye-catching visual effects.
- 6x3 posters: effective in places with high vehicular traffic.
- Mupi and street furniture: with vertical screens at strategic points in the city.
- Various sizes: for effective communication in different urban contexts.
- Street banners and banners: for additional visibility.

We offer both permanent and temporary solutions, with minimum exposure periods of 14 days, in accordance with national regulations.

Strategy and planning

Choosing Spada Media Group for advertising initiatives in Bergamo represents a choice of trust in a team of specialists who thoroughly understand the facets of a city where historicity is intertwined with modernity. Our commitment transcends the simple offering of ad space, aiming for a tailor-made collaboration with clients, where every detail of the campaign is precisely attended to, in perfect harmony with the brand's aspirations and principles.

Our journey with partners begins with listening to specific needs and mapping the target audience, essential steps in articulating an effective strategy and identifying optimal locations, considering aspects such as visibility, pedestrian flow, and local context. Our deep knowledge of Bergamo allows us to identify the most suitable advertising options, respecting the peculiarities of each neighborhood, to ensure that the brand message accurately reaches the target audience. We manage the entire cycle of the advertising campaign, from conception to installation of the ads, paying close attention to each stage, taking care of the logistical and bureaucratic aspects, and allowing clients to focus on their core business. Throughout, we strive to maintain smooth and consistent communication, offering periodic updates and verifying that each element of the campaign reflects the agreed-upon expectations and goals.

Our Solutions for Billboards in Bergamo:

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