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We provide billboard advertising service in Bologna, a city renowned for its vibrancy and culture. Thanks to our expertise in the field and our knowledge of Bologna's urban fabric, we carefully identify the best locations to ensure wide visibility for the advertising message. We cover different areas of the city, from the historic center to residential and commercial areas, ensuring that the campaign reaches the desired audience effectively. We manage the entire ad planning and distribution process, providing comprehensive and professional solutions.

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Why invest in billboards in Bologna

Investing in billboard advertising in Bologna goes beyond simply promoting a product or service. Bologna is a unique city that enchants its inhabitants and visitors with its authenticity and centuries-old traditions. Every corner of the city tells a story, from historic arcades to gastronomic delights, from historic squares to academic culture. This nuanced context offers a tremendous opportunity for impressive advertising campaigns. Billboards in Bologna blend seamlessly into the urban environment, respecting the city's unique history and atmosphere. Bologna's historic beauty provides a fascinating landscape for advertising campaigns that blend harmoniously with the city's fabric.

Poster formats in Bologna

In Bologna, we offer a wide range of advertising formats, including:

- Maxi plants and maxi billboards: to maximize visibility in high-traffic areas.
- LED screens: for dynamic and eye-catching communication.
- 6x3 posters: ideal for strategic placements in places with high vehicular flow.
- Mupi and street furniture: with vertical screens placed at key points in the city.
- Road banners and banners: to increase visibility.

In addition, we offer the possibility of placing advertising on city buses, providing an additional opportunity to reach the public on the move. We offer permanent and temporary solutions, with minimum exposure periods of 14 days, in accordance with local regulations.

Strategy and planning

In planning billboard campaigns in Bologna, we take a targeted and professional approach to maximize the effectiveness of advertising communication. First, it is essential to conduct a detailed analysis of the target audience and demographic characteristics of the city, taking into account its neighborhoods, areas of interest and traffic flows.

Next, we proceed with the selection of the best locations for posting advertisements, considering visibility, passage of people, and urban context, which may include central areas, residential areas, tourist hotspots, and key commercial areas. Each position is carefully evaluated to ensure an optimal impression of the advertising message. Once the positions are defined, we move on to the creative design of eye-catching, clear, and informative ads. The design takes into account the brand, product or service being promoted, as well as the appropriate tone and style for the target audience. Finally, the execution of the campaign is planned and the printing, distribution, and installation of the ads are carried out. During this phase, it is important to closely monitor the progress of the campaign, collecting data and feedback to evaluate the effectiveness of the chosen locations and creative used.

Our Solutions for Billboards in Bologna:

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