Urban Furniture Bologna

Street furniture in Bologna, a city rich in history and culture, plays a crucial role in enriching the quality of urban life while providing a powerful platform for advertising communication. For companies that wish to stand out and effectively promote their products or services, Bologna's street furniture offers a unique opportunity for visibility and interaction with the public.

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Why invest in street furniture in Bologna?

Street furniture, spread throughout the city, not only improves the livability of public spaces, but also turns into a highly effective marketing tool for businesses. In a city with a rich cultural tradition and cosmopolitan population like Bologna, street furniture becomes a strategic and authentic advertising medium. Because of its location and inherent visibility, it is an ideal dynamic marketing tool to capture the attention of passersby and generate new business opportunities.

Formats of Street Furniture in Bologna

Bologna offers several opportunities to exploit street furniture for advertising purposes. Among the various options, we can mention:

- MUPIs and Shelters: These structures, found throughout Bergamo, provide an essential service by offering shelter to travelers and, at the same time, prove to be strategic advertising spaces. The panels integrated into the canopies enable direct and continuous advertising messages to be conveyed, capturing the attention of a wide audience in daily transit.
- FSU (Free Standing Unit): Available in both a digital version, which can host dynamic content for up to 6 clients, and a rotor version, which allows for message rotation among 3 advertisers. These units, due to their versatility and visibility, offer an effective means of reaching a wide and diverse audience, both in crowded urban settings and in quieter areas.
- Square or Senior: This advertising solution shares similar characteristics to the FSU but is distinguished by its larger size of 300x200 cm. This format, due to its size and strategic location, provides excellent visibility, making it ideal for messages that require immediate, high-impact visual impact.
- Vertical Lead: This option represents the digital version of the Square format. Digital technology allows greater flexibility in the management of advertising content, making it possible to capture the audience's attention with dynamic and interactive content.

How much does street furniture cost in Bologna?

The costs of using street furniture in Bologna vary by type and location. Location plays a crucial role in determining cost: high-traffic areas or central parts of the city tend to have higher rates than suburbs or less busy areas. It is important to view the investment in street furniture as a long-term contribution to the visibility and success of your brand. The choice of the most appropriate street furniture should be based on a careful evaluation of the available budget and specific advertising goals.

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