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Milan-Linate's "Enrico Forlanini" airport, located just 7 km from the heart of Milan, stands out as the city airport par excellence. As the third busiest airport in the region, Milan Linate is a vital hub for domestic and international short- and medium-haul flights. With a single terminal (Terminal 1) hosting major airlines such as Alitalia and British Airways, major routes connect Milan Linate with major destinations such as Rome-Fiumicino, Catania, London, and Paris.

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Billboards at Milan Linate: A Showcase for Airline Business.

Milan Linate, Italy's ninth busiest airport with about 8 million passengers per year, is an ideal platform for targeted billboards. This airport, frequented mainly by an audience of professionals and frequent flyers between the ages of 35 and 54, mostly Italians, offers a unique opportunity for business-focused advertising campaigns. The presence of amenities such as the Linate Center, convention and meeting space, and a wide selection of stores and restaurants makes it the perfect place for impactful communications in the business world.

Advertising formats of Milan Linate

Our billboard solutions in Milan Linate are designed to meet a variety of advertising needs. We offer large-, medium- and small-format billboards-including backlit options-positioned along busy routes, such as boarding and baggage claim areas, to ensure maximum visibility. Backlit facilities, located particularly in the boarding area between the A17 and A21 gates, offer high visibility and capture the attention of travelers.

In addition, we have high-resolution digital ledwalls located at strategic points such as entrances and check-ins. These advanced solutions enable the delivery of up to 6 different advertisements, active 18 hours a day for 14-day periods, ensuring dynamic and engaging communication.

How much do billboards cost at Milan Linate?

At Spada Media Group, we are committed to ensuring that every advertising campaign in Milan Linate achieves its goals effectively. For optimal coverage, we suggest 30-day campaigns, with a flexible budget ranging from 10,000€ to 50,000€, depending on the placement of the implants and the area manned. Our goal is always to provide strategic and tailored advertising solutions that maximize brand visibility and effectively reach target audiences.

Our other solutions for Billboards in Milan:

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