Milan Bus Advertising

Milan's bus and streetcar network, which includes about a hundred lines, represents one of the most structured and widely used public transport systems in Italy. With a passenger flow exceeding one million people, advertising on these mediums provides an opportunity to reach a vast number of potential customers every day. The diversity of users, who travel primarily for work or study, makes advertising on Milan buses and streetcars an effective tool for communicating with a wide range of audiences.

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Why invest in bus advertising in Milan?

Investing in bus advertising in Milan turns out to be a strategic choice for multiple reasons. Milan, being one of the most vital and influential urban centers in Italy, offers a constant and varied flow of commuters, tourists and active citizens. With its bus network covering the city extensively, advertising on these vehicles provides exceptional visibility and broad coverage of different target demographics. Buses travel along the main city arteries, reaching not only central areas but also suburban areas, thus providing widespread and constant visibility of the advertising message. This means that the advertising message will be exposed to a wide audience, consisting of people of all ages, professions, and interests.

Integral decorations for streetcars and buses

Integral decorations, or full wraps, are one of the most effective solutions for Milan's buses and streetcars. This type of advertising involves applying adhesive films to the entire surface of the vehicles, including the windows, turning buses and streetcars into full-fledged mobile advertisements. The options for integral decorations are many, varying in design, size and theme, from international brand promotions to messages for artistic and cultural activities.

The different types of streetcars and buses available for these decorations include:

- 2- and 3-case streetcars: perfect for high-impact messages.
- Darsena streetcars (Milan exclusive): offer unique visibility in key areas of the city.
- Trolleybus and Sirius: different lengths available to suit all types of countryside.
- Sirietto: ideal for wide-ranging campaigns on large vehicles.

Tables and Adhesive Films in Milan

In addition to integral decorations, table circuits or adhesive films are also available. These solutions are ideal for campaigns that focus more on frequency than immediate impact. Here are some examples:
- Bigretro: high-impact circuits with large tables at the back of buses.
- Historical: aimed at the business target in downtown Milan, with tables on streetcars.
- Mupiside: adhesive films on the right side of buses, ideal for vertical creativity.
- Dynamic Poster: occupies the entire left side of the vehicles, providing a spectacular visual impact.
- Tables 200x70 or 300x70 cm: cover the territory extensively, ensuring a high frequency of visibility.

How much does it cost to advertise on buses or streetcars in Milan?

The cost for full customization of a streetcar or bus varies depending on the model chosen, with the impact on price determined by the decoratable surface area. For example, a two-car streetcar may be affordable for as little as 28 days, while a Sirietto streetcar, with its larger extension and special one-way films, can reach significant costs of several thousand depending on the duration of the campaign.

Our other solutions for Billboards in Milan:

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