The Milan Metro, with its five active lines, has established itself as one of the busiest means of public transportation in Italy. About 900,000 passengers use it every day, a figure that makes advertising in this context an effective means of reaching millions of contacts each week. The size, quality and proximity of advertising installations inside trains and stations amplify the visual effect, interaction with users and memorization of the advertising message, ensuring high exposure time.

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Why invest in subway advertising in Milan?

Investing in advertising in the Milan Metro means having access to a dynamic and influential target consumer. In this context, the audience is predominantly young people and young adults, generally of upper-middle social status and with a high level of education. This demographic segment, constantly on the move, is often engaged in advanced studies or high-level professional careers, a particularly attractive feature for companies wishing to connect with a sought-after, economically active audience.

The advertising installations available in the Milan metro have different formats-horizontal, vertical and special-and types-digital, backlit, rotor or paper-and are strategically placed both at the entrances of stations and inside them. Such variety provides a high degree of flexibility and customization for advertising campaigns, enabling brands to create meaningful interactions that are capable of sticking in the audience's memory. The subway, with its continuous flow of passengers, provides an ideal setting for advertising campaigns, as it offers the opportunity to reach a wide audience in a central, high-traffic urban setting.

Advertising formats of the Milan Subway

Advertising in the Milan metro is sold in circuits that vary in location and format, with durations of 7, 14 or 28 days. Advertising installations are strategically placed at focal points of stations to maximize the effectiveness of the message. Here are some of the options available:

- Digital LCDs: 75'' vertical digital screens at major stations, with up to 6 creatives in rotation, no sound, and a minimum duration of 7 days.
- Maxi and Mini Posters (420x200 and 300x140 cm) and Mupi (120×180 cm): illuminated or non-illuminated installations placed at key points in stations, along the main passenger flows, with a minimum duration of 14 days.
- Mixer and Mosaic Circuits (100x140 and 140x200 cm): 200 paper posters, distributed at all stations on MM1, MM2 and MM3 lines, are a cheaper option due to their smaller size.
- Carousels (inside train cars - 95×140 cm): films placed on the connecting walls between cars, with a minimum on-air period of 28 days.
- Door side posters (31×69 cm): advertising spaces located inside the trains, placed at the eye level of travelers, with a minimum display period of 28 days, ensure constant visibility.
- Pendulines (17x25 cm): small formats hanging from the handrails inside the wagons, ideal for promoting events, fairs and exhibitions, highly visible and constantly moving.

Environmental customizations

For high-impact advertising campaigns, we also offer customizable formats in specific areas of major stations:

- Station Domination: complete customization of a station by combining different formats such as walls, floor graphics, escalators, LEDs, columns and more.
- Doors Domination M5: decoration of glass barriers on the M5 line.
- Train Domination M5: full customization of the interior of the new automatic trains on the lilac line.
- Station entrance planks: personalization of the areas at the top of station stairs, ideal for messages aimed at specific targets (e.g., students at Milan universities, visitors to a specific fair or passengers in a specific Milanese neighborhood).

How much does it cost to advertise on the subway in Milan?

The cost of an advertising campaign in the Milan metro varies depending on the circuit chosen, the duration of the campaign, and the time of year. Prices start from a few thousand euros for single permanent installations, rising to €8-10,000 for circuits with optimal coverage of more than 120 stations, and can increase significantly for complete customizations of an entire station. Last-minute deals are often available, especially during low season months such as January, July and August.

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