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Billboards are a key element in boosting a company's visibility, especially in an industrial and culturally rich city like Turin. Carefully designed and strategically placed, the posters provide extensive brand exposure in the city's most relevant areas. Launching a billboard campaign in Turin allows you to quickly increase brand awareness by taking advantage of the heavy flow of residents, students and tourists who walk the city's streets every day.

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Why invest in signage in Turin?

Turin, with its unique mix of industrial history, innovation and cultural heritage, is an ideal choice for advertising campaigns through billboards. The city, known for being a center of business, art and design, attracts an active local population and a considerable number of visitors. This combination of residents and tourists creates a perfect context for broad advertising campaigns, making billboards a crucial tool for reaching a large and diverse audience. In an environment like Turin, where innovation is intertwined with tradition, billboards are an effective way to capture the attention of passersby, ensuring that the brand is not only seen but also remembered.

Billboard advertising formats in Turin

Turin offers a variety of billboard formats, placed in circuits that ensure widespread visibility throughout the city. Among the options available are:

- 100×140 or 140x200 cm signs.
- Mupi 120x180 cm, both backlit and digital.
- Vertical Banners of 80x250 cm, placed on street light poles.
- 6×3 posters, in areas of high vehicular and pedestrian traffic.
- Maxi plants or maxi billboards to maximize visibility.
- LED screens in high traffic areas.
- Installations on bridges and overpasses.
- Street signs, available for temporary or permanent posting.
- Banners and banners in the main streets.
- Banners for special events or temporary campaigns.

The minimum display period is generally 14 days, following the national billboard calendar. For digital installations, even shorter exposure periods can be arranged, given their strategic location and high visibility. It is recommended to combine different circuits to cover various parts of the city and optimize the frequency of exposure.

How much does signage cost in Turin?

The cost for a billboard advertising campaign in Turin varies depending on the duration, the time of year, and the number and type of installations chosen. A single sign, for example on a light pole, can start at a few hundred euros per month, rising to €1,500 to €2,000 for a full year. For a circuit of 100 6x3 posters, adequately covering the city, the budget is around €15-20,000. Turin, with its strategic locations, offers the opportunity to select the best solutions at competitive costs, thanks to the experience and negotiating skills of specialized agencies.

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