Turin Bus Advertising

Turin's bus network, which connects the historic center with industrial, university and residential areas, presents an extraordinary opportunity for advertising campaigns. With a large number of daily passengers, including residents, students and tourists, advertising on these means of transportation is an effective way to reach a large and diverse audience. The variety of users, who use buses for work, study or to discover the city's many attractions, makes advertising on Turin buses an ideal tool for interacting with a wide range of people.

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Why invest in bus advertising in Turin?

Investing in bus advertising in Turin is a strategic choice for several reasons. Turin, famous for its industrial history, universities and rich museums, attracts a constant flow of people. The bus network, which serves both the heart of the city and the suburbs, offers excellent visibility and broad coverage of different target demographics. As the buses travel through main streets and populated neighborhoods, they ensure continuous and widespread visibility of the advertising message, reaching a diverse audience.

Integral decorations for buses

Integral decorations, or full wraps, are among the most impactful advertising solutions for Turin buses. This type of advertising completely covers the buses with adhesive films, including the windows, turning them into effective mobile advertisements. Customization options are varied, suitable for promoting brands, cultural and tourism events, or local initiatives.

The types of buses available for these decorations include:
- City buses: ideal for intense visibility in central and busier areas.
-Suburban buses: good for reaching an extended audience both in the city and surrounding areas.
- Minibuses: perfect for targeted campaigns in specific or niche areas.
- Eco-friendly buses: to convey a message of environmental sustainability.

Tables and Adhesive Films

In addition to integral decorations, tables or adhesive films are also available, which are ideal for campaigns targeting a high frequency of exposure. Examples include:

- Big Back: large advertising boards on the back of buses for immediate impact.
- City Explorer: circuits along major urban routes.
- Side Ads: adhesive films on the sides of buses, perfect for horizontal messages.
- Full Side Ads: covering the entire side of the buses, providing maximum visibility.
- Tables of various sizes: strategically distributed for optimal city coverage.

How much does bus advertising cost in Turin?

The cost of advertising on buses in Turin varies according to the type of vehicle and the extent of the advertising area. For example, a city bus with full decoration may be competitively priced for minimum periods of 28 days, while larger buses or those with film specifications may require a larger investment, varying according to the duration and complexity of the advertising campaign.

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