Billboards, essential elements in advertising, are a key component in our Media Center service portfolio. This medium ensures widespread coverage, reaching a large and diverse audience, especially in a city as rich in history and vitality as Naples. Through their visibility and strategic positioning, the billboards become visual landmarks in a fascinating urban setting steeped in tradition and passion.

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Why invest in billboards in Naples

Investing in billboards in Naples is a strategic choice that goes beyond simple advertising. Naples, with its rich historical and cultural heritage, is a unique place where traditions merge with modernity. Every alley and square tells a story, from the busy streets of the old town to the magnificent views of the Gulf. The city is a crossroads of cultures and a melting pot of influences, providing a unique context for memorable advertising campaigns. Naples is not just a city; it is a vibrant soul that thrives on cultural events, festivals and celebrations unique in the world. The city is famous for its traditions, such as the Carnival of Naples, and its religious festivities, which attract visitors from all over the world. Billboards in Naples become an integral part of this unique context, transforming advertising spaces into works of visual art that capture attention and leave a lasting impression.

Types and formats of Billboards in Naples

In Naples, we offer a wide range of advertising formats, including:

- Maxi plants and maxi billboards to maximize visual impact in high traffic areas.
- LED screens: for dynamic and eye-catching visual effects.
- Decorating streetcars and buses: transforming transportation vehicles into walking advertising media.
- Subway: opportunities for billboard advertising in subway stations.
- 6x3 posters: effective in places with high vehicular traffic.
- Mupi and street furniture: with vertical screens at strategic points in the city.
- Various sizes: for effective communication in different urban contexts.
- Street banners and banners: for additional visibility.

We offer both permanent and temporary solutions, with minimum exposure periods of 14 days, in accordance with national regulations.

Planning and strategy

Relying on Spada Media Group for advertising campaigns in Naples means choosing an experienced partner, capable of interpreting the peculiarities of a city with a unique charm, where tradition merges with innovation. Our service goes beyond simply providing advertising space, aiming to establish a personalized partnership with our clients, with scrupulous attention to each detail of the campaign, in line with the brand's ambitions and values. Our journey with clients begins by listening carefully to their specific needs and understanding the target audience, crucial steps in developing a tailored strategy and choosing the most strategic locations, evaluating factors such as visibility, footfall, and local context.

Thanks to our knowledge of Naples, we are able to select the most effective advertising solutions, taking into account the distinctive characteristics of each area, to ensure that the advertising message hits the desired target audience in the most incisive way. We take care of every stage of the advertising process, from design to installation, attending to every detail with dedication and professionalism, handling logistics and administrative aspects, allowing our clients to focus on their core business. We maintain open and constant communication throughout the process, providing regular updates and ensuring that every element of the campaign lives up to expectations and is in line with set goals.

Our Solutions for Billboards in Naples:

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