Maxi Billboards Naples

Maxi Billboards in Naples are a high-impact and visible advertising solution in the vibrant Neapolitan city. With their dominant size and strategic locations at key points in the city, these billboards attract the attention of a wide audience, engaging both pedestrians and motorists and providing outstanding exposure for brands.

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Types of Maxi Postings in Naples

In Spada Media Group, we offer a variety of Maxi Billboards, adaptable to the specific needs of each campaign. Options include illuminated maxi billboards, domination of significant locations such as railway stations or important squares, and ledwalls, each with distinctive features that make them effective and versatile advertising tools:

Illuminated Maxi Billboards: They stand out remarkably both by day and night due to their brightness.
- Domination : like the domination of railway stations or central squares, they offer a commanding presence and exclusivity in message.
- Ledwall: for dynamic, cutting-edge communication with moving images and high visual impact.

The size of these Maxi Billboards is large, starting with formats of at least 40-50 square meters. We provide personalized advice to help you identify the most effective type and format for your campaign.

The Maxi Billboards During Significant Events.

During major events in Naples, such as the Feast of San Gennaro or major cultural events, Maxi Billboards become even more powerful tools for promoting a brand. Attracting thousands of visitors, these events are ideal opportunities to increase visibility and brand recognition. By taking advantage of advertising space on these occasions, you have the opportunity to reach a wide audience and leave a lasting impression. With their considerable size and often central locations, Maxi Billboards ensure a remarkable visual impact, particularly accentuated by evening lighting, to capture and enchant the diverse audience that frequents the streets of Naples.

How much do Maxi Postings cost in Naples?

The costs of Maxi Billboards in Naples vary depending on factors such as the size of the installation, the duration of the campaign, its location, and additional customizations. Generally, larger postings or postings in central locations tend to cost more than smaller postings or postings in less-traveled areas, and can reach figures of several thousand euros. Last-minute deals are often available, which are particularly advantageous in the low season months, such as January, July and August.

Our other solutions for Billboards in Naples:

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