Naples Subway

The Naples Metro, with its lines extending throughout the city, is one of the main means of public transportation and an ideal location for advertising campaigns. Every day, thousands of passengers use the subway, providing an excellent opportunity to reach a wide audience. Advertising installations are placed at strategic points both inside trains and in stations, offering high visibility and interaction with users.

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Why invest in subway advertising in Naples?

Investing in Naples metropolitan advertising makes it possible to reach a diverse consumer target, consisting mainly of commuters, students and tourists. The audience that frequents the metro is constantly on the move, making this platform ideal for companies aiming to reach a dynamic and economically active audience.

Naples Subway Advertising Formats

The Naples Metro offers a variety of advertising spaces, with different formats and locations, and durations ranging from 7, 14 to 28 days. These spaces are strategically placed to ensure maximum effectiveness of advertising messages.

Here are the options available:

- Digital screens: large 75-inch vertical monitors installed in the main stations, with the possibility of alternating different creativities, without sound, for a minimum period of 7 days.
- Posters of various sizes (450x250 and 320x160 cm) and Mupi (120×180 cm): both backlit and standard installations, placed at strategic points in stations, highly visible along the routes most frequented by passengers, with a minimum duration of 14 days.
- Paper Circuits and Mini-Posters (95x125 and 125x175 cm): paper posters distributed at all stations, offering a visible and cost-effective option.
- Advertising spaces on trains (95×135 cm): stickers placed on the inside walls of carriages, with guaranteed exposure for at least 28 days.
- Door side posters (33×72 cm): advertising spaces inside trains, located at eye level for constant visibility, with a minimum of 28 days of exposure.
- Pendulines (20x26 cm): smaller formats hung from the inner handrails of the cars, ideal for event and trade show campaigns, ensuring high visibility and impact.

Environmental Customization

In the Naples Metro, for high-impact advertising campaigns, customizable formats are available in specific areas of the busiest stations:
- Station Domination: total customization of a station, which can include different formats such as walls, floor graphics, escalators, LEDs, columns and more, for a massive and engaging visual effect.
- Train Domination: complete decoration of the interior of trains, creating a unique and eye-catching environment for travelers.
- Station entrance area: targeted customizations in station entrance areas, optimal for specific messages aimed at particular targets, such as college students, participants in special events, or residents of specific city neighborhoods.

How much does it cost to advertise in the Naples subway?

The costs of an advertising campaign in the Naples metro vary depending on the circuit chosen, the duration of the campaign and the time of year. Prices start from a few thousand euros for single permanent installations, rising to €8-10,000 for circuits with optimal coverage, and can increase significantly for complete customizations of an entire station. Last-minute offers are frequently available.

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