Rome Bus Advertising

Rome's bus network, spanning several urban and suburban routes, constitutes one of the most extensive and busiest public transportation systems in Italy. With a high number of daily passengers, advertising on these mediums presents a unique opportunity to reach a large pool of potential customers every day. The variety of users, who travel for work, study or tourism, makes advertising on Roman buses a particularly effective tool for communicating with a wide audience.

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Why invest in bus advertising in Rome?

The choice to invest in bus advertising in Rome is strategic for several reasons. Rome, a city of great historical and cultural appeal, attracts a continuous and varied flow of commuters, tourists and residents. With its extensive bus network covering the entire city, advertising on these mediums ensures significant visibility and broad coverage of different target demographics. Buses crisscross the main streets of the city, touching both the historic center and outlying areas, thus ensuring widespread and constant visibility of the advertising message. The advertising message will thus reach a wide audience of all ages, professions and interests.

Integral decorations for buses in Rome

Integral decorations, or full wraps, are one of the most impactful solutions for Rome's buses. This type of advertising involves applying adhesive films to the entire surface of buses, including the windows, turning them into real mobile advertisements. Options for integral decorations are varied, with designs, sizes, and themes ranging from international brand promotions to campaigns for cultural and artistic events.

The different types of buses available for these decorations include:

- Double-decker buses: perfect for high-impact messages.
- Standard buses: offer wide visibility in key areas of the city.
- Minibuses: ideal for targeted campaigns and specific urban areas.
- Electric buses: for eco-friendly advertising on innovative vehicles.

Tables and Adhesive Films

In addition to integral decorations, table circuits or adhesive films are also available. These solutions are perfect for campaigns that focus on frequency rather than immediate impact.
Some examples include:

- Bigretro: high-impact circuits with large tables at the back of buses.
- Centro Storico: aimed at the tourist and cultural target, with tables on buses in the center of Rome.
- Side Display: adhesive films on the sides of buses, ideal for horizontal creativity.
- Mega Side: occupies the entire side of the buses, providing a striking visual impact.
- Tables 200x70 or 300x70 cm: widely distributed throughout the city, ensuring a high frequency of visibility.

How much does bus advertising cost in Rome?

The cost for full customization of a bus varies depending on the model chosen, with the impact on the price determined by the area that can be decorated. For example, a double-decker bus may be competitively priced for a minimum period of 28 days, while an electric bus, with specific surfaces for adhesive films, may require a larger investment depending on the duration of the campaign.

Our other solutions for Billboards in Rome:

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