Rome Subway

The Rome Metro, with its three main lines and extensions, represents one of the most widely used means of public transportation in the Italian capital. Every day, hundreds of thousands of passengers travel on the subway network, making advertising in this space extremely effective in reaching a wide audience. The presence of large advertising spaces, both inside the trains and in the stations, ensures significant visual impact and direct interaction with a wide target audience.

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Why choose advertising in the Rome Metro?

Investing in advertising space in the Rome metro allows you to reach a diverse and large audience. Roman metro passengers include residents, professionals, students and tourists, thus offering a wide variety of target demographics. In addition, the presence of stations in strategic areas of the city, such as historic centers and university areas, amplifies the possibility of connecting with a diverse and dynamic audience. Companies can use this advantage to promote products and services to an influential and constantly moving audience.

Rome Metro Advertising Formats.

Advertising in the Rome Metro offers several options, with circuits varying in location and format, and durations ranging from 7, 14 to 28 days. Advertising spaces are strategically placed to maximize the effect of the advertising message.
Here are the options available:

- Digital screens: 72-inch vertical displays placed in the main stations, with the possibility of alternating different creativities, without sound, for a minimum period of 7 days.
- Posters of various sizes (420x210 and 300x150 cm) and Mupi (110×170 cm): both backlit and standard, located at key station locations along the routes most frequented by passengers, with a minimum display period of 14 days.
- Paper Circuits and Mini-Posters (100x130 and 130x170 cm): posters distributed widely throughout all stations, offering an economical and high-visibility solution.
- Advertising spaces inside the trains (100×140 cm): stickers placed on the inside walls of the cars, visible for at least 28 days.
- Door side posters (32×70 cm): advertising spaces inside trains, placed at eye level for constant visibility, with a minimum display period of 28 days.
- Pendulines (18x24 cm): small formats hanging from the inner handrails of wagons, perfect for promoting events and fairs, with high visibility.

Environmental Customization

For high-impact advertising campaigns, the Rome Metro offers customizable formats in selected areas of the busiest stations:

- Station Domination: a complete customization of a station, combining different formats such as walls, floor graphics, escalators, LED displays, columns and more.
- Train Domination: a total decoration of the interior of trains for a maximum and engaging visual effect.
- Station entrance area: specific customizations in station entrance areas, ideal for targeting specific groups of people (e.g., college students, visitors to special events, residents of certain areas).

How much does it cost to advertise in the Rome subway?

The cost of an advertising campaign in the Rome metro varies depending on the circuit chosen, the duration of the campaign, and the time of year. Prices start from a few thousand euros for single permanent installations, rising to €8-10,000 for circuits with optimal coverage, and can increase significantly for complete customizations of an entire station. Last-minute deals are frequently available, especially during low season months such as January, July and August.

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