Despite the explosion of digital media, print remains an essential communication channel, effective in promoting products and brands. In 2023, the Audipress system found that 31.7 million Italians read or browse at least one print and/or digital title each month, covering more than 60 percent of the population aged 14 and older. In print media, each ad enjoys a dedicated space, free from interruptions and distractions typical of other media.

This ensures that the advertising message can be contemplated in full awareness, thus increasing the chances of impact and recall over time. As Spada Media Group we have developed important partnerships with major publishing groups, positioning us among the leading agencies at the Italian level by providing design, production and planning services for print and digital campaigns throughout the country.

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Investing in the press in Italy

The digital evolution has further broadened the appeal of print. Newspaper reading in digital format has seen a significant increase, with more than 7 million readers for the digital format (Source: Audipress). Print publications, alongside their online counterparts, also offer valuable advertising space for marketing campaigns. In 2023, 61.5 percent of daily newspapers, 77.1 percent of weekly magazines and 72.2 percent of monthly magazines were purchased directly from readers, a sharp increase from 2020. (Source: Audipress). This combination of tradition and innovation makes newspaper and print advertising a strategic choice for reaching a large and diverse audience.

Over the years, we have forged important partnerships with major Italian publishing groups, and are therefore able to design campaigns in national newspapers such as Il Corriere della Sera, La Repubblica, La Gazzetta dello Sport, Il Giorno QN, and Il Sole 24 Ore, in weekly newspapers such as Il Cittadino, Il Giornale di Monza, and Il Giornale di Vimercate, in freepresses such as Metro, Leggo, and Il Gazzettino, or in local newspapers such as and

Strategies for Press Campaigns

At Spada Media Group, we design tailored advertising campaigns that take advantage of the different types of advertising available in print media. Options range from classic listings, such as full-page or half-page ads, to more innovative and engaging formats:

- Display ads: can vary in size, are perfect for capturing readers' attention and conveying a clear and direct message.
- Advertorials: combining editorial and advertising content, advertorials allow you to tell engaging stories about your brand or product, increasing trust and credibility with your audience.
- Special Inserts and Attachments: we offer the possibility of inserting promotional materials such as brochures or catalogs directly within the titles, for a direct and tangible impact.
- Classified Ads and Headings: ideal for specific targets, allowing you to reach niche markets with targeted messages.

Advertising and printing: our formats

The costs of print campaigns vary depending on several factors, which include the circulation and visibility of the masthead, the location and format of the ad, the frequency and duration of the campaign, as well as the special materials and innovative formats used. For example, a full-page ad in a national newspaper with a circulation of 500,000 may cost between 10,000 and 15,000, while a similar ad in a local paper with fewer readers could cost much less. Ad position also affects price: those on the first page or in premium positions cost more than those on less visible pages. In addition, larger ad sizes, such as full- or double-page ads, cost more than smaller formats.

Consulting and strategy for print ads

Investing in print campaigns is a strategic choice that offers numerous benefits. Indeed, print ads capture attention in a unique way, standing out even in the digital age. With our Media Center, we follow clients at every stage of campaign implementation: from choosing the most suitable newspapers to the conception and development of the creative, through the writing of the content and its publication. With customized strategic consulting, we identify the ideal editorial plan and titles that best align with companies' values and goals.

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