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Italiana FM is the Spanish national Italian-language broadcaster that was created in February 2020 from the union of Radio Axel 24 and Italiana Mallorca. The station broadcasts both FM and digital in order to provide public service radio to the large Italian community residing in Spain, which numbers about 350,000 souls. The goal is to chronicle the daily lives of Italians living on Iberian soil. The schedule offers 13 national news editions daily, 3 local news editions, 2 local weather bulletins, and 3 traffic information bulletins. Over the course of the day, information and entertainment programs are alternated with in-depth programs also directed toward lighter topics.

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Radio Italiana FM, a station with a distinguished presence both on FM and online, has experienced considerable success among listeners, demonstrated by an equal distribution of its audience, with 50 percent men and 50 percent women. Its strength lies in its versatility of use: in addition to traditional broadcasting, it offers a digital experience through its official website and various web radio aggregators. This modern approach allows listeners to enjoy a wider range of content, including podcasts and the ability to replay past broadcasts. Italiana FM is also committed to enhancing and integrating the Italian community in the target territory, promoting national excellence in areas such as culture, entertainment, sports and business sectors. This strategy not only enriches the radio station's offerings, but also strengthens the bond with its audience, reflecting and celebrating Italy's diversity and cultural heritage.

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Planning an advertising campaign on Italian FM Radio is easy and convenient. Radio offers different packages of commercials to promote the message to potential customers. It is possible to choose the duration of the commercials, broadcast time and frequency that best suits your needs. Italian FM Radio is dedicated to providing efficient and affordable service to help businesses reach your audience effectively.

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