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Radio Dimensione Suono Soft is one of the local radio stations in Lombardy, broadcasting relaxing programming interspersed with moments of information. Voices conducting programs throughout the day include Roberto Gessi, Giulia Teri, and Silvia Giansanti, who are well-known in the radio scene; music is provided during the week by the Canzoni D'Amore program, while, on Saturdays, by Bossa Club.

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RDS Soft presents 122,000 listeners on the average day. The audience is mainly female, represented by 58 percent of the total, while 65 percent are between the ages of 35 and 64, thus falling into an adult bracket. In addition to the Lombard territory, it broadcasts on a few other frequencies, mainly in Central Italy.

Source: Radio Editors' Table

Cost of spot on Radio Dimensione Suono Soft

Designing an advertising campaign on Radio Dimension Sound Soft requires careful evaluation of several factors, including the length of the commercials, broadcast time, and location within the schedule. Radio Dimensione Suono Soft is a radio station that offers a selection of soft, relaxing music, appealing to an audience that loves quiet music. The planning of an advertising campaign on Radio Dimensione Suono Soft can be tailored to specific promotion needs, allowing for the selection of radio spot packages from the radio station's tabular offerings or the creation of customized advertising solutions. At Spada Media Group, we work closely with clients to develop advertising strategies that are in harmony with the mood and soft music of Radio Dimensione Suono Soft, reaching an audience that is passionate about this genre of music.

In addition to traditional commercials, Radio Dimension Sound Soft could offer opportunities for sponsorships or quotes related to soft music, which can be effectively integrated into the advertising strategy. Package costs vary according to the number of spots, their duration, and geographic area of coverage. Because of its focus on soothing music, Radio Dimensione Suono Soft provides an ideal platform for advertising campaigns targeting audiences seeking a quiet and pleasant atmosphere.

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