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Radio Globo, based in Rome, offers mainly information, news and the big musical hits, as well as the claim "Only the best" emphasizes. Top programs include The Morning Show, the morning format, Call A Load, with historic prank calls, and Power Selection, with Andrea Torre offering classics, playlists, and the ability to vote for favorite songs.

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Listening to Radio Globo

The radio station registers more than 356,000 listeners in GMI: of these, 55 percent are men and 45 percent are women, while the target age ranges from 18 to 44 (65 percent). The main region is Lazio but it also broadcasts on Tuscan and Abruzzi frequencies.

Source: Radio Editors' Table

Cost of spot on Radio Globo

Planning an advertising campaign on Radio Globo requires careful consideration of several factors, including the length of the commercials, broadcast time, and location within the schedule. Radio Globo is a radio station with a long history and a significant presence in the Italian radio scene. The design of an advertising campaign on Radio Globo can be tailored to specific promotion needs by selecting radio spot packages from the radio station's tabular offerings or by creating customized advertising solutions.

In addition to traditional commercials, Radio Globo could offer sponsorship opportunities or quotes related to the station's special events or iconic programs, which can be effectively integrated into the advertising strategy. Package costs vary according to the number of spots, their duration, and desired geographic coverage. Due to its long tradition and relevance in the Italian radio scene, Radio Globo is an ideal platform for advertising campaigns that target a diverse audience with a loyalty to the station.

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