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Radio Popolare is a free and independent radio station, as its claim also emphasizes. Active since the 1970s in northern Italy, radio has always been based on the need to communicate and actively intervene in the community. Well-known presenters include Vitowar and Luca Gattuso. The programs cover a wide range of topics: Author's Notes offers news and trivia from the world of literature and drama, Double Acca and Jazz Ahead talk about music-about hip hop and jazz, respectively-while for daily news there is Giornale Radio. As of 2019, it is also possible to listen to the radio from a TV set in some regions of northern Italy, in Lombardy on channel 654, in Piedmont on 605, and in Liguria on 295.

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Listening to Radio Popolare

Average day ratings are 166,000 in Lombardy. The profile of listeners is 60% men and 40% women, and more than half (57%) are between the ages of 35 and 64. Frequencies reach mainly Lombardy and Piedmont; in Emilia Romagna it can be received only in the province of Parma.

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Cost of spot on Radio Popolare

Devising an advertising campaign on Popular Radio requires a judicious evaluation of several factors, including the length of the commercials, broadcast time, and location within the schedule. Radio Popolare is a radio station with strong local roots and programming geared toward culture and community participation. Planning an advertising campaign on Radio Popolare can be flexible, as it allows you to choose radio spot packages from the radio station's tabular offerings or create customized solutions based on specific promotion needs.

In addition to traditional commercials, Popular Radio could offer sponsorship opportunities and quotes related to cultural events or community initiatives, which can be effectively integrated into the advertising strategy. Package costs vary according to the number of spots, their duration, and desired geographic coverage. Because of its deep connection with the local community and its emphasis on culture and participation, Radio Popolare is an ideal platform for advertising campaigns aimed at an engaged audience.

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