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In operation since the 1970s, RTL 102.5 is the most listened to radio station nationwide and over the years has always been able to reach a wide audience thanks in part to a schedule balanced between news, current affairs and music offerings and a strong empathy with listeners. Programs with a wide following are W L'Italia, Nessun Dorma and Suite 102.5, whose musical selection oscillates between novelties and classics, Italian and foreign.

Leading names such as Gigio D'Ambrosio, Laura Ghislandi, Valeria Graci, and Massimo Giletti are on the show. RTL 102.5 TV is available on digital terrestrial at channels 36 and 536, on Sky at channel 750 and on TiVùSat at 36. All radio programs are broadcast on the channel, as well as on the official website, with the possibility of seeing the hosts and their guests in the studio.

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RTL 102.5 radio listening

Radio is also confirmed as the industry leader by its listening figures: the GMI (listeners on the average day yesterday) is 5,872,000. There are no significant differences in the target audience between men and women, while a large proportion of listeners are in the 25-54 middle range (over 50%). Radio listeners come mainly from Northwest and Southern Italy: these areas gather 69% of the total listeners.

Source: Radio Editors' Table

RTL 102.5 Programs

RTL 102.5'sprogramming schedule includes a wide range of programs, including news, entertainment, music, and sports. The main program of RTL 102.5 is the News, which is broadcast every hour, 24 hours a day. News covers national and international events, current affairs, sports, and more.
There are also other highly successful broadcasts:

- Giletti 102.5: a program hosted by journalist Massimo Giletti that presents news, politics, culture, entertainment, music and current affairs. During the program, Giletti interviews politicians, experts and entertainment personalities, giving them the opportunity to express their opinions on various topics.
- Hello Weekend: hosted by Luisa Carnello and Paul Cavallone, presents a mix of music, entertainment and news. During the program, speakers present the ranking of the most listened to songs of the week, along with new music releases and historical songs. In addition, the program offers news about the latest trends in music, concerts, festivals and more.
- The Family Down North: hosted by Sara Calogiuri, Emanuele Carocci, Jennifer Pressman and Massimo Galanto. It is one of the station's most successful programs. Programming features speakers discussing current topics with humor and sympathy, interspersed with the hits of the moment.
-TheIndignant Special: hosted by Barbara Sala, Enrico Galletti, Luigi Santarelli, Andrea Pamparana and Davide Giacalone. Focuses on social, political, and economic issues, providing critical analysis of the news of the day and the most relevant current issues.

Spot cost on RTL 102.5

RTL 102.5 has an advertising list that covers all platforms: FM radio, web (with advertising space on the site accessible from all devices) and TV. At Spada Media Group, our expertise and competence enable us to optimize advertising campaigns, making the most of the opportunities offered by RTL 102.5. The cost of a commercial on RTL 102.5 depends on multiple factors, such as the duration of the commercial, the time of year, the time of broadcast, and the location of the commercial within the schedule. Generally, commercials in the most listened to time slots, such as morning and evening, have a higher cost than those in the less attended slots.

With our Media Center, we do not focus the planning a radio advertising campaign exclusively on a single program, but on a package of commercials covering different time slots. This strategy ensures good coverage and high listening frequency. In addition to traditional commercials, RTL 102.5 also offers alternative forms of advertising such as quotes, with a specific price list for both extratabellar and tabular activities. Costs range from several thousand to tens of thousands, and we apply significant discounts depending on the time of year.

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