Addressable TV

Addressable TV is a revolutionary way of delivering advertisements on TV, which has the power to transform the TV advertising experience. With this cutting-edge technology, Spada Media Group is able to personalize advertisements in real time, taking into account the unique characteristics of each household and their lifestyles. While traditional TV relied on GRP to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, Addressable TV relies on digital data and provides precise and detailed audience analysis.

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The Potential of Addressable TV

Today, digital TV provides additional data, allowing viewers to be grouped according to the content they actually see. In fact, if the devices used to access TV programs are connected to the Internet (e.g., Smart TV, set top box, tablet, smartphone or PC), modern tracking technologies, very similar to those in use on the Web, provide real time information on the programs that are actually viewed in each individual household, so that advertising can be targeted according to the profile of the household, derived from its consumption behavior for each device.

To fully understand the potential of this technology, let us imagine the following scenario: if the Cartoonito channel is frequently displayed on a smart TV, it is highly likely that there are preschoolers in the household. As a result, when channels such as Rai1, Channel5, or RealTime with adult programming are displayed on the same smart TV, an advertisement targeting children's products will be delivered to parents. This is just one example of how Addressable TV can intelligently adapt to each viewer's needs.

Strategies for TV campaigns.

Addressable TV campaigns offer numerous benefits, enabling advertisers to optimize their advertising investments. These campaigns are distinguished by three key features:

- Target Segmentation: using various databases, it is possible to segment the target audience based on parameters such as geolocation, demographics, economy and lifestyle. This allows advertisers to reach exactly the desired audience.
- Frequency Cap: Addressable TV provides the ability to set the maximum number of times a spot can be broadcast on a smart TV. This helps avoid overexposure of ads to the same viewers, saving advertising budgets and ensuring greater brand awareness.
- Measurability and Certainty of Viewing: with Addressable TV, a clear view of total views can be obtained, with detailed data on the type of users reached. In addition, views are counted only if at least 75% of the commercial is seen, ensuring a true count of the result achieved.

Our Addressable TV solutions:

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