Addressable TV Mediaset

Mediaset's Addressable TV, ADD+ INSIDE, represents a breakthrough in the TV advertising landscape, taking full advantage of the potential offered by smart TVs. With ADD+ Inside and TV site, you can create customized advertisements and broadcast them within Mediaset's schedule, reaching your audience directly and effectively.

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Addressable TV to interact with the audience

Today's smart TVs are equipped with cutting-edge features, and with the call-to-action "press ok," viewers can interact with an advertisement. This interactivity gives them the opportunity to access additional information directly on their TV, turning their experience into a true "mini-site" dedicated to brands. With a flexible "L" format and a 15-second duration, the message will be effective without being intrusive.

Strategies for TV campaigns.

ADD+ INSIDE with TV site allows the creation of customized creatives that highlight brands, ensuring a high-impact and visible position within Mediaset's schedule. The call-to-action "press ok" stimulates interactivity, engaging the audience in a unique way. A variety of content can be included, including logo, text, full-screen images, preview videos, trailers or backstage, explanatory text, exclusive promotions, and product sheets. With Addressable TV Mediaset, Spada Media Group offers its clients the opportunity to reach audiences in a highly targeted and engaging way, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to create a lasting impact.

The other Addressable TV solutions:

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