Addressable TV Sky

In the world of television advertising,SKY's Addressable TV represents a momentous turning point. This advanced form of advertising is divided into two distinct formats: AD Smart and Free to Air. With AD Smart, advertising campaigns can be planned and launched on a wide range of SKY channels, just as if it were a traditional TV promotion. The distinctive aspect of SKY is its ability to target its audience based on parameters such as gender, age and interests while maximizing the budget invested. In addition, commercials are broadcast via satellite, eliminating the need for an Internet connection.

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AD Smart: targeted and targeted

With more than 5 million SKY subscribers and over 3 million active Sky AD Smart decoders, SKY addressable campaigns have the power to reach a large audience of about 15 million individuals nationwide. ADSmart offers a wide range of channels dedicated to different topics, including Cinema, Sports and Entertainment. But the real innovation lies in the ability to insert commercials intelligently between two generic recall ads, thus tapping into the maximum audience. Depending on the target audience, a different commercial will be aired within the same advertising break, thus optimizing the advertising investment and reaching only specific audience segments.

Free To Air: creativity
and interactivity

With the digital evolution, TV commercials have also advanced. SKY offers a bouquet of Free to Air (FTA) channels including TV8, Cielo, Spike, on which advertising campaigns can be programmed in special formats. Among these formats:

- Lanner: A customized creative that appears in overlay during the program, occupying the entire screen in an unobtrusive way. This provides an impactful space for images and promotional messages, automatically disappearing after 20 seconds.
- Interactive Lanner: This 'L' creativity appears in overlay during the program, and the viewer can interact by pressing the OK button on the remote control. A new 'L' shaped creative will open in which you can enter additional information and images related to the brand or product. The user can return to the original creativity by pressing the 'back' key or close the entire creativity with the 'esc' key, while the program remains visible with audio in the background.
- Minisite: This 'L' creativity appears in overlay during the program, inviting the viewer to interact by pressing the OK button on the remote control. A full-screen minisite then opens, where you can navigate via remote control through different sections containing in-depth text and images. In addition, there is also the ability to start a full-screen Video Spot (max. 30 seconds) by pressing OK, with the option to return to the original creative with 'back' or close it with 'esc'. While browsing, the TV program will not be visible or audible in the background.

The other Addressable TV solutions:

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