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Antenna 3 is confirmed as one of the most influential local broadcasters in Lombardy, ranking just behind Telelombardia in terms of popularity and reach. Since joining the Mediapason Group in 2004, the network has continued to expand and diversify its offerings. Today, Antenna 3 is distinguished by a programming schedule that skillfully balances entertainment with political information, devoting special attention to the various provincial and local realities of Lombardy. This targeted approach allows the network to connect with a broad spectrum of viewers, reaching about 350,000 people each month.

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Target audience and schedule
of Antenna 3

At the heart of Antenna 3's offerings is its targeted audience and varied schedule. The network's main target audience is adult and predominantly female, with 62 percent of viewers between the ages of 25 and 64, a figure that reflects the high incidence of those over 60. This demographic segment is extremely valuable for companies wishing to deliver specific and engaging advertising messages. In terms of programming, Antenna 3 offers a unique blend of entertainment and political information, with programming that is attentive to the needs and interests of the local and provincial communities of Lombardy. This combination of quality content and focus on a well-defined target audience makes Antenna 3 the ideal channel for effective, broad-based advertising campaigns.

Why invest in advertising on Antenna 3

Building on our many years of experience in the industry, through strategic planning and limitless creativity, we strive to ensure that every advertising campaign on Antenna 3 is not only visible, but also leaves a lasting impression in the minds of consumers. Our team works closely with clients to understand and meet their specific needs, ensuring that each advertising message is not only effective and targeted, but also in line with brand values and goals.

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