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Telelombardia established itself as the leading regional television station in Lombardy and the second largest local broadcaster in Italy. Since it was founded in 1974, the network has played a crucial role in the Lombard media landscape. With programming offering news, in-depth political, entertainment and sports programs, Telelombardia reaches about 600,000 viewers each month. Its historic formats, such as QSVS, have won millions of passionate viewers, consolidating its status as the flagship network of the Mediapason Group and the leading broadcaster in northern Italy in terms of ratings and editorial activity.

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Target audience and schedule
by Telelombardia

Telelombardia targets mainly male and adult audiences, with 74% of viewers being men and 61% in the age range of 25 to 64. This carefully defined target audience represents a key demographic segment that is particularly relevant for companies aiming to reach specific audiences with targeted advertising messages. The choice to focus on an adult and predominantly male target audience is not accidental, but reflects a well-thought-out strategy aimed at meeting the needs and interests of this demographic group.

Telelombardia's programming is distinguished by its remarkable diversity and quality. With a mix of programs ranging from sports-particularly soccer and other local highlights-topolitical information, the network offers a schedule that captures the attention of a diverse audience. The network also does not neglect current affairs, new technologies and music, thus offering a wide variety of content to suit the different preferences of its audience.

Why invest in advertising on Telelombardia

At Spada Media Group, we are dedicated to leveraging the vast reach and influence of Telelombardia for tailored and effective advertising campaigns. Our industry experience allows us to use this powerful platform to reach targeted audiences, maximizing the visibility and effectiveness of advertising messages. We work closely with our clients to ensure that each campaign is not only effective and targeted, but also in line with brand values and goals.

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