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Mediaset is Italy's leading private television group and offers a wide range of television channels, including Rete 4, Canale 5, and Italia 1, known to reach large audiences. But that's not all: with the advent of Digital Terrestrial, numerous thematic channels were introduced such as Focus, 20, La 5, TOP Crime, Iris, Cine34, Italia 2, Mediaset Extra, Tgcom 24, Boing, Cartoonito, R101 TV, Radio Virgin TV, and Radio 105 TV. This diversification broadens the group's traditional audience, allowing it to reach more specific target audiences. In addition, Mediaset Infinity, the on-demand streaming platform, offers the opportunity to further expand the coverage and frequency of your advertising campaigns.

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Generalist offering
and targeted

Canale 5 is the leading network in Italy for the 15-64 year-old target audience, with a wide range of programs that appeal to the general public and families. During daytime, Canale 5 focuses on the 25-54 female target audience, with soaps and entertainment programs designed to build audience loyalty. In the evening, it offers a wide range of self-produced programs, prime time dramas, and entertainment, ensuring a steady stream of viewers.
Italia 1 is the network dedicated to young people, with a main target audience among teenagers and the 15-34 age group. Italia 1's programming includes news, entertainment, sports, and music, with programs such as Le Iene, which attracts mostly young adults and averages about 2 million ratings per episode during prime time.
Rete 4, on the other hand, stands out for its news and political programming, which occupies most of the weekly prime time slots. This network is especially popular with an adult and predominantly male audience. With targeted advertising on Network 4, you can effectively reach this audience.

Addressable TV

Mediaset also offers an Addressable TV service, an innovative way of delivering advertisements on digital TV. This approach allows specific ads to be shown based on household characteristics through a combination of advanced ad delivery technologies and detailed audience analysis. With Mediaset's Addressable TV, you have the opportunity to reach your target audience in a highly targeted and effective way.

How much does advertising cost on Mediaset?

Mediaset's advertising offerings are highly articulated and customizable. Advertising packages vary according to the target audience, time of year, networks, and duration and type of commercials. It is not possible to define a standard cost for an advertising campaign on Mediaset, but it is possible to request a customized quote tailored to the client's specific needs. Even entry-level budgets are affordable, starting from a few tens of thousands. Our commitment is to understand your needs and provide you with a price-optimized quotation.

Our solutions for Mediaset advertising:

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