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Rete 4 is a private Italian nationwide television channel founded in the early 1980s by Arnoldo Mondadori Editore and currently operated by Mediaset. The network is generalist in nature and offers mainly movies, TV shows, news, entertainment and sports. Especially in the 1980s and 1990s it was oriented toward a female audience. It currently offers content for higher age groups with a slant and type of broadcasting devoted mainly to adults and the elderly. The channel's most watched programs are talk shows related to information, such as Stasera Italia News, politics, such as Quarta Repubblica, or in-depth journalism, such as Quarto Grado, which get a share between 5-7%.

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The main broadcasts of Rete 4 are:

Quarto Grado

Quarto Grado, which has been on the air for more than a decade on Rete 4, remains one of the channel's most-watched programs with a share hovering around 12 percent. It is an investigative and crime news program, which delves into current cases with detailed reports and exclusive interviews. Gianluigi Nuzzi and Alessandra Viero lead the audience through Italy's most complex and controversial investigations. The program airs every Friday night, attracting a loyal audience interested in the topics covered.

Stasera Italia

Stasera Italia is confirmed as a benchmark for political and current affairs information on Rete 4. Hosted by Barbara Palombelli, the program offers in-depth analysis of the day's most important events, with in-studio guests and outside links. It boasts a dynamic format and incisive conduction, ensuring clear and direct information.

Right and Reverse

Dritto e Rovescio, hosted by Paolo Del Debbio, is another mainstay of Rete 4 news. The program, which airs on Thursday evenings, focuses on political, economic and social issues, giving space for debates and confrontations between studio guests. With a direct style and a focus on the everyday problems of citizens, the program stands out for its ability to analyze in depth the hottest issues on the national scene.

Quarta Repubblica

Quarta Repubblica, hosted by Nicola Porro, is a program focusing on politics and current affairs. The program, which airs on Monday evenings, saw a rise in share in 2023, averaging 9 percent, thanks to its ability to cover issues of national importance with a critical and in-depth look.

Out of the Choir

Out of the Choir, hosted by Mario Giordano, focuses on investigations and reports that explore issues often overlooked by mainstream media. With an average share of 8 percent, the program airs on Tuesday evenings and is distinguished by its direct and sometimes provocative approach.

È sempre Cartabianca

È sempre Cartabianca is Bianca Berlinguer's new in-depth news program featuring interviews and analysis on current issues. The program airs on Sunday afternoons with a good audience response and an average share of 6 percent.

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