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Italia 1 is an Italian generalist television channel with a youth target audience, broadcast nationwide and published by Mediaset. Indeed, since its inception in the early 1980s, the channel has had a special focus on younger segments. Successful programs include Le Iene, a famous infotainment program that originated in the late 1990s and is still an effective model of assault journalism that can combine entertainment and information. So does TG Studio Aperto, which offers a type of information more usable by young people and closer to the world of gossip and custom.

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The main broadcasts of Italia 1 are:

The Hyenas

On air since the late 1990s, Le Iene is one of the best-known shows within Italia 1's programming with a share of around 10 percent. It is an entertainment and news program, based on reports made by its correspondents with the technique of reportage, launched thanks also to comic gimmicks and satirical sketches. Investigations conducted by "hyenas" may cover news events, political figures, media scandals and other events related to current events. Veronica Gentili, Max Angioni, Eleazaro Rossi and Nathan Kiboba were in charge of conducting.

Studio Aperto

Studio Aperto, the news program of Italia 1, has a clearly defined target audience, namely the world of youth. In fact, it presents topics such as gossip, life-style and costume in addition to the usual news stories. A renowned column is On Air, aired over the weekend to talk about film and entertainment. Daily it is broadcast twice a day, while at night a 15-minute space is reserved for information with the edition The Day. In terms of ratings, it is one of the best-performing news programs during the afternoon slot, with share peaks as high as 20 percent.

Cotto e mangiato

Cotto e mangiato, aired daily after the 12:25 p.m. edition of the news, is a Studio Aperto cooking column hosted by Tessa Gelisio that features easy, quick-to-make recipes in 90 seconds. As the dish is being prepared, the steps involved, cooking times, and cost of ingredients are explained so you can replicate it from home. Viewers have a way to interact with the host, suggesting recipes and dishes through the website or social platforms.

Battiti Live

Battiti Live, is the musical event of the Italian summer that airs directly from Italian squares. With an outstanding cast of more than 50 Italian and international artists, it is one of the top programs of the summer season of Italia 1. The event is followed live by Telenorba and RadioNorba and, after the first airing on Italia 1, is replayed on Mediaset Extra and Italia 2. Also very interesting is its presence on Mediaset Infinity, the Mediaset Group's on-demand service. Airing from mid-July to mid-August, the 2022 edition reached share peaks of 8 percent and cumulative coverage of about 21.5 million people, confirming the program among the most-watched programs on national television during the summer.

Freedom - Oltre il confine

For its fifth edition, this program hosted and created by Roberto Giacobbo continues its journey into the unknown and the wonders of nature. Freedom has become a fixture for fans of mysteries and nature adventures, airing in the winter time. The fourth season of the program conducted recorded excellent ratings, with an average share of 6.7 percent and peaks of 9.5 percent, becoming the third most watched network on Friday nights with more than 1,400,000 viewers.

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