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Rai 1 is Rai's first television channel, among the top nationwide in terms of ratings and share, and targets generalist and family audiences. On the air since the 1950s (the first network to broadcast in Italy under the name National Program), it has hosted, and still hosts, famous programs that have made the history of Italian television, such as the Sanremo Festival e Dancing with the Stars with Milly Carlucci, but also successful dramas such as. Don Matteo and in-depth political broadcasts such as Porta a Porta. There is no shortage of award-winning entertainment programs, which register the highest number of viewers in prime time, such as I Soliti Ignoti and L'eredità with over 20 share points each. Rai 1 also hosts TG1, one of the most watched national news programs.

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The main broadcasts of RAI 1 are:


TG1 is the first newscast aired in Italy in the early 1950s. Started as Telegiornale it changed its name in 1976 and has since become one of the most listened to news programs, not only on public television. Its numerous editions accompany viewers during the course of the day until late in the evening, offering flash editions and various columns of interest such as Medicina and Rai Meteo, while during the night information is offered by RaiNews24. Important is the news program's collaboration with Unomattina in terms of news content. The 8 p.m. edition turns out to be the most watched by Italians with 19.8 percent and share with an average of 5.6 million listeners.

Sanremo Festival

The Sanremo Festival represents one of the most successful programs on Italian television and still involves a large number of viewers(the 2023 final reached an average share of 73.5 percent). Hosted inside the Ariston Theater in the city of Sanremo, the Italian song festival has featured big-name entertainers, from Pippo Baudo to Mike Buongiorno to Amadeus, and renowned international guests, including those not related to music. For the 2024 edition, scheduled for Feb. 6-10, 30 artists are scheduled to compete, including the winners of Sanremo Giovani. Amadeus confirms his role as host and artistic director, while, guests will include Marco Mengoni, Giovanni Allevi and Roberto Bolle. Although music remains the focal point, in recent years the program has been enriched with awards, presenters and entertainment that occupy the schedule not only during the five-day festival but also with satellite programs.

Porta a Porta

Born in the late 1990s, Porta a Porta is one of the most relevant political broadcasts within Rai's programming schedule. It airs three times a week in late evening and is hosted by Bruno Vespa, accompanied by the many guests who debate with him on news events, political news and changes in society and customs. The program averages a 10 percent share but, over the years, it has been able to reach high peaks, especially on the occasion of particularly relevant guests on the political scene, and is characterized by the timeliness with which it offers its audience comprehensive and exhaustive information.


Every day at 6:45 a.m. Unomattina, a historic program dealing with current affairs and information, airs on Rai 1. On a daily basis, thanks to the presence of guests both in the studio and on the air, the program gives an overview of the day's most important issues that may concern news, politics, culture, medicine, or economics, and averages at least an 18 percent share. There are also features that rely on reports and specials depending on the various topics, as well as columns devoted to sustainability and recycling. During the weekend, however, accompanying viewers is Unomattina in famiglia, a space in which sports, music, art and entertainment are discussed and which, in the case of special episodes, touches very high share peaks.

Ulisse - Il piacere della scoperta

Ulisse - Il piacere della scoperta is one of Rai1's history popularization programs. Hosted by Alberto Angela, it is one of the best known especially for its thematic episodes that unfold like stories, often accompanied by renowned guests, protagonists of Italian culture and entertainment. The topics covered revolve mainly around history, art, and culture; several episodes are land-related and have a more archaeological character while others focus on the lives of illustrious figures in history, such as Cleopatra, Marie Antoinette, or John Kennedy. The broadcast usually averages at least 3,000,000 viewers, achieving a share around 15-16%.


Hosted by Marco Liorni on the air since 2002, L'eredità is among the most watched game shows on television. With one Average share hovering around 15 percent, the program can count on the participation of contestants who compete in elimination rounds until they reach the "Guillotine," a game in which the champion of the evening, after winning the title, must guess the word that ties in well with the other entries to win the final prize. The relationship with the public has strengthened over the years to the point of involvement even on social media, thanks to fans who try like the champion to find the correct word every night, and the production of board games. Traditionally broadcast in the pre-summer time slot, it also has several special editions, often under the banner of solidarity.

Soliti Ignoti

After the evening news edition airs Soliti ignoti, the TV game show that involves matching eight unknown people to their correct identities through logic and intuition, trying to guess as many as possible to increase the jackpot. The final test will allow the contestant to win the amount won through the "mystery relative" to be matched correctly. TV celebrities, sportsmen, actors, and other entertainment figures often participate to facilitate the identification of certain figures. Special editions include those dedicated to the Italian Lottery prize draw and those involving VIPs, which often bring the share over 20 percent.

advertising on Rai 1

If you are interested in running an advertising campaign on Rai 1, you need to purchase packages of on-air commercials on the entire RAI network, which are part of the networks' commercial policies. These packages are organized by listings (tabular, special initiatives, product placement), by thematic tracks (drama, entertainment, sports, food, kids, etc.), or even by performance of Rai networks' programs (such as the 'best' modules, which feature spots on a network's flagship programs in the season in which the campaign is to be purchased). Once the schedule is defined, a proposal is sent to the client that contains the expected performance of the campaign, such as audience, gross contacts, number of commercials, percentage of these in prime-time, and estimated GRP. A television advertising campaign can be exclusive to one network or cross over to other channels as well, such as Mediaset or La7 channels.

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